Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey

I absolutely love to cook. When my sister got married she didn't know how to cook so my mom sent us to chef's school. I was 15 years old and completed chef's school with the certificate to prove it haha. But honestly it was so much fun and it made me realize how much I love to cook. Now I am confident that I can cook anything. Plus it was really fun to get to experience something like that with my sister.
At this point in my life one of my favorite times of day is to come home from work to my husband and my dogs, pour a glass of wine, slip into my house shoes, and cook dinner.
Sometimes (not too often because usually I am running around like a crazy person just trying leave the house on time) I cook breakfast for us. So here I am cooking eggs and sausage ready to head out the door for work.
My dress is a little gem I picked up a few years ago and wear all the time. The bright colors and intriquite print make it one of my favorite pieces. I love these shoes because the sort of mustardy tan color of them is a tiny bit quirky but still totally wearable. Paired with staple brown tights and my most comfortable leather jacket and I'm off to work.

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