Friday, September 12, 2014

the close

dress: tory richard
belt: hand me down from my nana
shoes: dolce vita
as i reach the end of this pregnancy journey .. i am experiencing so many emotions .. woohoo hormones!

i am so thankful to have had the opportunity to carry this baby girl!!
i didn't think i would ever get to do that and it has been so incredibly enjoyable!!

if i never had .. that would be ok too .. you all know my passion for adoption and i by no means feel like biological relation is what makes up a family
we will absolutely have a family made up of both adopted and biological children
but i am still in awe of my GOD for choosing me to experience this miracle pregnancy
and that is exactly what it is .. we have been back to the infertility specialist and according to medical science .. we still have a 0% chance of becoming pregnant on our own

it's not luck you guys .. it's GOD

i am so excited to meet her
i am honestly kind of sad that i won't be pregnant anymore 
i am nervous about labor and delivery
i am nervous and excited about how this is going to change everything
but mostly i can't wait to get to hold her in my arms and for RT to get to hold her too
to just look into her eyes and finally have our baby

i look back at the last two years and can't believe all that we have been through
the summer we spent talking through wether or not we wanted to start trying to get pregnant
the three months we tried before RT suggested we see someone
the i word diagnosis
the first .. and then second .. failed rounds of ivf
the decision to start the adoption process
the match with M who turned out to have never been pregnant in the first place 
the match with B who decided to parent after having her baby
and now here we are .. on the very cusp of meeting our daughter

we have endured more than i would have ever thought i was capable of
i have felt pain and sadness and hurt and anger to extents that seem unreal 
but i have also felt hope and encouragement and excitement and faith
and every single bit of it is what got us to this place 
this place where our family of two becomes three {really six because the dogs are family too}

happy friday to all of you!!
i will be back after this little one shows her beautiful face :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

on the dark side

leggings and tank: gap maternity
top: free people
shoes: i honestly have no idea who makes them but i got them in 
new orleans and love love love them!!
i am normally a brights girl but sometimes you just have to venture over to the dark side ya know

i bought this revlon lip stick that RT described as blurple .. blackish purple .. and it is a fun change from the hot pink i normally wear
i love it!!

with the start of september .. my love of fall and winter has arrived in full swing but you see i live in the extreme heat that is the state of tx and it won't truly feel like fall for a couple more months probably

so for now i am just pretending :)

happy tuesday!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

a few weird things

top: heartloom
skirt: bobi
shoes: dolce vita

{one} i can't see my feet. and maybe this isn't weird to you. maybe you are thinking to yourself duh you dummy you are nine freakin months pregnant of course you can't see your feet but when you realize for the first time in your life that you actually cannot see your feet without bending way over and really trying hard at it .. it's totally weird!!

{two} on friday my mom and sister and three of her kids picked me up at home and we went to this garden by my house to pick up some locally grown produce {this place is totally awesome by the way and i am beyond pumped about my weekly goodie box of freshness} and afterward stopped to get frozen yogurt. because well you just have to make those kinds of stops sometimes. and as we were walking in i saw my reflection and was honest to goodness shocked by my big pregnant belly. i mean the thing is big. and even though it has been steadily getting that way for oh i don't know the last eight and a half months or so .. sometimes when i get a quick glimpse it shocks me a little .. weird!!

{three} RT asked me to make italian food one night for dinner this week. this is huge people!! italian is my most favorite but RT isn't much of a pasta person so i normally don't make it when he is home. a few days ago he legitimately asked .. with absolutely no prompting from me at all .. if i would make some baked ziti with meat sauce or something like that {his exact words} .. it's weird but i would be lying if i said i didn't do a pretty spectacular victory dance over it

{four} the hashtag #chihuahuasofinstagram exists ... this isn't so much weird as it is just plain flippin awesome!! i am a shameless chichi lover and i looked through all the #chihuahuasofinstagram photos for about an hour the other night

{five} it's baby month!! i am going to be a mom before this month ends!! A MOM .. please take a second to let that soak in .. i have been hoping and wishing and praying for this for a long time and we are so close now .. i  can't believe it!! i am so so excited!!

happy tuesday!!