Thursday, February 27, 2014

a downstairs photo bomb

i have been promising an update on our house for a while now so i thought i would deliver {at least halfway} today. the upstairs is still hugely unfinished as far as decorating so i will post that at a later date. but for today you have the downstairs :)
walking into the house you walk through a small entry that just holds a closet .. our dog kennels .. and some counter space with cabinets above
from there you walk through the dining area into the kitchen
we mounted this humdingers sign on a sliding door and behind it is our laundry room
walking from the kitchen you again pass through the dining area {thank you captain obvious ha!} and head into the living room
don't be alarmed .. we just really love color and pattern :)
this is the nursery and i am very proud of the fact that my mom dad RT and i made these curtains. we just taped stripes off on drop cloth from the hardware store and painted them black. then my dad built wood valances and we stapled the triangle cute peices to that and voila .. diy at its finest :)
we still have to get a changing table and unpack the boxes that are hiding in the closet in the nursery but other than that we are ready to bring home baby girl!!
this bathroom was existing
we just updated the hardware and put in new lighting a new mirror and fresh paint
these are the doors leading into our master closet which is also the hallway into our bedroom
the door leading into our master bathroom matches except it is a single standard sized door instead of the smaller french doors
this is our closet .. in the cabinetry on the left we have folded clothes and shoes and behind the mirrored doors on the right is all of our hanging clothes
at the end closest to bedroom on the left is my vanity but i am still waiting on lighting and a mirror for that space so i didnt picture it :)
please excuse the piles on the chaise at the end of the bed but we are leaving town today and that is all our stuff {ha!}
and last but not least .. our master bath .. which i am obsessed with .. i mean i am obsessed with the whole house but i feel like we did a great job making a smallish space into a really great master bath
the space is long and skinny so walking in you have the counter with double sinks on the right leading toward the bath/shower area that is all enclosed together with shower heads on either wall
we are loving every second of living in the new house!!
happy thursday!!


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

a letter

dress: rachel pally
jacket: mcginn
shoes: steve madden
i want to write a letter to B
as her due date nears it feels important to me to let her know all of the emotions swirling around inside me. i am so much better at saying all that i want and mean to say if i write it down instead of trying to say it in person. maybe that's impersonal but for me it is most important to be honest and thorough

especially with this

so i want to write her a letter but every time i open up pages on my ipad i go blank

how do i fully covey to her how much i adore her
how much i adore her baby girl
how desperately i want to be her baby's mom
how sharing that title with her would be my greatest honor
how strong and brave and selfless she is
how i feel like i have been on this crazy twisted journey that ultimately lead me to her .. and that is more perfect than anything else
how i will think of and cherish and pray for her everyday for the rest of my life
how she is changing everything for me .. for us .. in the most incredible way
how .. even though i will never be able to truly understand .. i know this is painful for her .. and i appreciate her willingness to live through the pain to do what she feels is best
how i know the depth of her love for her baby

i mean i could go on and on forever
but when i try to write it down
put it together in a letter
it feels inadequate
my words are inadequate

i have just a few short weeks to get this letter completed so hopefully i can find a way

happy tuesday!!

Monday, February 24, 2014


this past weekend a group of my girlfriends and i met in atx for a much needed weekend away. we left after work on friday and headed there .. spent all day saturday .. and then left to come home about eleven yesterday morning

here is what i can say about my friends .. they are the best in the world!! i am sure everyone feels that way but it really is true!!

i am the worst at calling to check in with people. it is a flaw but is also the truth. and with my friends .. even if we haven't talked in a couple months we meet up and pick up right where we left off. we all met in college and i am confident these girls will be my besties for the rest of my life

love you girls!! this weekend was SO much fun!!
thanks mazie for being such an awesome host!!

happy monday!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

love from the hoop

just a little blurb to show off some of the goodies i am loving at the hoop right now

top left .. peace sign sweater and navy and white striped pants both by townsen and both totally tubular dude!!

bottom left .. the cutest little shift dress by mcginn

on the right .. a maxi number that has stolen every piece of my heart. i probably wouldn't do the belt with it but in order to showcase clothes on a mannequin it is usually best for them to have a little more shape. we paired with a neon tassel necklace by sea elise and my love for color explains my feelings there {ha!}

and last but not least .. in the middle .. we have some more mcginn is neon leopard .. which lets be real it does not get any better .. unless of course you pair it with equally bright neon shorts

i'm off on a girl's weekend .. happy weekend!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

five things

one .. this little snuggle baby is hurt and being super dramatic about it. we don't know what happened but yesterday morning before she got out of bed she was licking her front right paw like crazy. then when she finally got up the paw was swollen she was limping and trying not to put pressure on it. RT took her to the vet and her entire paw is bruised really bad. nothing is broken but she doesn't do hurt well so she just lays around and looks at you with the most pitiful eyes ever

two .. B text me yesterday!! this is big news you guys because she doesn't text me very often at all. i have still been texting her two or three times a week just to let her know we are thinking about her and hope she is doing well but she usually doesn't respond. not only did she text once but we talked back and forth three times!! this was a major win in my book {ha!}! i don't want her to feel like she has to talk to me. i absolutely respect her desire to be disconnected if that is what she wants but having that tiny convo just eased my worries a little bit ya know??

three .. i leave for one whole glorious week in my favorite place on the planet a week from this friday. i am pumped!!

four .. the painters finally came to the house this morning to get working on the final touch ups that need to be completed. i promise someday i am going to post pictures of the complete house transformation but currently there are little pieces of blue painters tape all over the place and thats just not my idea of how to fully showcase the fabulousness that is our house {in my opinion of course ha!}

five .. i think we are going to get our home study update this week! when we got our initial home study we were living with my parents and part of the full home study is the home we live in and will bring the baby home to. now that we have moved our social worker has to come back and do a little update on the new home. fingers crossed that thursday is our day :)

happy tuesday!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

happy love day

dress: evil twin
tights: free people
shoes: jeffrey campbell
happy valentine's day!!

yesterday was my sister's birthday and today is my grandmother's birthday so my whole family went out to a nice dinner at a new restaurant downtown last night and it was so fun. great food and even better company .. it doesn't get any better than that right?!?

do you guys have big plans to celebrate this day of love?? we are just having dinner at home .. low key and relaxing .. yes please!!

happy weekend!!

Monday, February 10, 2014


sweater: joie
pants: parker
shoes: steve madden
necklace: loren hope
in honor of valentines week i took this buzzfeed quiz this morning to find out which 90s heart throb is my soul mate

i am happy to report that zac morris and i would live happily ever after {ha!}

it said we are compatible because he is a guy who just wants to have fun .. and that's not inaccurate actually .. one of my favorite things about RT is that he is fun and funny .. i truly enjoy my time spent with him .. so i guess he is my real life zac morris

who is your 90s heart throb soul mate??

happy monday!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

snow! snow! snow!

sweater: joie
shirt: vince
pants: j brand
shoes: jeffrey campbell
sometimes iPhone pics in your bedroom is just what you get ya know what i'm sayin?!?
it is snowing right now!! and it has been snowing for hours and that is a really big deal around here!! we don't get actual snow very often at all and i am LOVING it!! {please excuse my overuse of exclamation points but i am really excited} standing at the computer at the hoop watching the flurries float to the ground is so peaceful and beautiful .. i am soaking it in minute by minute
it is just so cozy don't you think?? snow makes me think of fires and sweaters and blankets and snuggles and hot cider and soup and just all good things
starting my three week countdown to crested butte .. now
happy thursday!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

after awhile

hey there! long time no blog ..

last sunday we moved into our house and things have been a little wild so i haven't had much extra time. i was going to do a big photo blog of the new digs today but there are still some things that we are waiting on {mirrors, touch up paint, blinds, etc} and i want it to be 100% complete before the big reveal .. maybe next week :)

but i can tell you that we are loving it!! the dogs are still adjusting and the bitty has been a tiny bit rebellious about the whole thing but they will love it too in time i know

living here in the great state of tx you never know if it's going to be 30° or 70° on a day to day basis. this week it's cold so today i layered up with my trustiest {yes I realize that's not a real word} of wardrobe pieces .. free people flared jeans .. printed joie tank .. cozy patterson j kincaid sweater .. and black suede steve maddens

happy monday!!