Friday, February 4, 2011

Outrageous Feather Trains

Sweater: Motel     Pants: Gracia     Shoes: L.A.M.B
Continuing on my obsession with critters I now have this awesome peacock sweater. Symmetry is not something that I am drawn to so it is even better that the bird is placed off-center.
I was at market in Dallas last weekend and our Parker rep had on these awesome geometric printed blue pants and I was in love with them. That same day I got home and had a package on my porch from an online order I placed a few days before and guess what was in it ... geometric printed pants! WooHoo! I can't get enough of them. I am seriously wanting to wear them everyday. No can do though because they are pretty memorable ha.
I am one of those people who loves to wear my new things over and over. It is like a kid with a new toy ... it is the only thing they want to play with for a while. So, here are my new L.A.M.B heels AGAIN. They look so cute with this outfit so it worked out.

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