Monday, September 14, 2015

the big o.n.e

yesterday the littlest turned one and my heart is overwhelmed
i spent most of the day trying not to cry but it wasn't necessarily sad .. it's just that this was the fastest year of my life
how is it possible that my brand newborn baby girl is already one year old?!?

she brings RT and i so much joy
she is growing and changing every second of everyday
she is a tiny little thing with a huge personality
and she is walking and talking like the toddler she is now officially

we had a little party at our house and it was so much fun
the littlest absolutely demolished her cake which was hilarious to watch
thank you to everyone who came over to celebrate our precious girl

happy birthday preshy!!
we love you so!!

a birthday baby flat lay because she is too busy to get an outfit picture :)

happy monday!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


labor day is for hanging out on the dock and swimming in the lake

labor day is for an extra day off work to spend with family and friends

labor day is the final celebration of summer and the threshold of fall

but most importantly .. labor day is for chomping as much watermelon off the rind as your little tummy can hold :)

happy wednesday!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

back to school

today was the first day back to school
no more summer break for me
technically i work through the summer but the hours are very limited and even more flexible so i got to spend tons of time at home and doing fun things with RT and the littlest

i am glad for all of the kids to be back and to get the school year going but i am sad to be back to lots of time away from home
i don't think RT is very sad {ha!}
not that he wants me gone but he really loves his one on one time with the littlest on the days that he is home but i am at work

as far as first days go .. it was really pretty great!! all of the kids seemed to transition back into the swing of things fairly easy and even the littlest friends only struggled a little bit

so here is to a great school year!!
happy tuesday!!