Wednesday, December 7, 2016

slow moments

tonight i stood in my kitchen with my bitty girl high on one shoulder right where she likes to be alternating between stirring the dinner i was making for my sweet tiny family and sipping a delicious glass of red wine

i swayed and sang along to the frank sinatra christmas pandora playing in the background and peered into the mirrored backsplash behind my stove to see RT and the littlest laughing and dancing to the music and LG happily watching and eating puffs from her seat

this was one of those picture perfect moments

one of those moments that literally slows time and forces you to realize just how wonderful the life you are living truly is

these moments are a treasure amongst the crazy busyness that is the reality of having three tiny babes

mostly we are running around here attending to this and that and just hoping for a full nights sleep  an extra cup of coffee a chance to brush our teeth and maybe even take a shower

our girls are wonderful happy healthy babies but three kids two and under requires an incredible amount of teamwork an unattainable number of hands and more hours than there are in the day

so when you get a chance to stop take a deep breath and admire your world .. it's pretty freaking great!!

happy wednesday!!