Thursday, October 31, 2013

throwback thursday halloween style

this was halloween last year .. i LOVE halloween with every ounce of my soul!!!!
i hate clowns they creep me out beyond words but i was a scary clown anyway and my mask was the bomb!! RT was some kind of scary monster guy .. a little texas chainsaw inspiration on that one {ha!}
every year RT and i throw a big halloween costume party with all of our friends and it is my most favorite party of the year. give me a reason to wear a costume any day :) this year we have way too much going on to be planning anything {let's be honest i wouldn't remember my own head if it wasn't attached right now} so my friends katie and chance offered to throw the shin dig and i was majorly grateful but i wasn't able to go :(
i am ashamed to say i don't even have a costume this year .. complete halloween fail!!
so today i bring you a little #tbt and a promise that next year will be epic
T-364 days
happy halloween!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


top: free people     cardi: vera wang for kohls     pants: m rena     shoes: steve madden
<<a little info needed to understand the following story .. a lot of times when i am petting zoey i will rest my forehead against hers and kiss her snout while i scratch her behind the ears or on her back or wherever>>

this week my parents are in san fransisco and the wine country on vacation with friends so RT and i are manning the fort and keeping their dog

bertie is such a sweet dog and is super easy. our only issue is with our dog .. zoey has an attitude problem .. she is crazy jealous of other dogs. she isn't aggressive but she is bossy and doesn't want anyone to give attention to other dogs instead of her

the other night i was at home alone with the dogs just lounging on the couch
bertie was at my feet so i was loving on her
zoey ran over and started trying to bully bertie out of the way so that i would pet her instead
i got onto zoey telling her to be nice which she really doesn't like
she ran and got a toy out of her basket and brought it over wagging her tail hoping that would make up for her bad behavior
when i didn't respond she slowly climbed into my lap clearly thinking i hadn't seen her so she was then standing over my lap wagging her tail showing me her toy
when that didn't work either she got really still and looked at me for a second and then pressed her forhead to mine .. it was so funny!! i couldn't help myself i started laughing and loved on her

she is a mess but she is my dog and i love her to death

happy tuesday!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

nursery inspiration board

all photos found on google images
are you guys tired of hearing about the adoption and the baby yet??

too bad :) because that and the house are pretty much all i can think about right now {ha!}

we are in kind of a unique situation in that we don't have to have the nursery finished before the baby gets here. actually we can't have it finished because the house won't be finished but that just means i get a little extra time to decorate. one of my friends asked me about nursery colors yesterday and the walls are gray but color wise that is about as far as i have gotten :)

i know we want to do kind of an antique chic circus theme though so today i made this little inspiration board .. excited to see how it turns out!!

happy wednesday!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

hidden under the brim

i wore this outfit on saturday running around all over town with RT. we picked out granite for the house and then did some baby shopping. i wanted us to pick out the outfit that we will bring her home in together. i am sure RT thought that was silly but it is sentimental to me and he indulges my weirdness :)

i am getting really anxious for her to be here. i just cant wait to hold her and smell her {again with my weirdness} and snuggle her tight. i wonder what she will look like and act like and sound like. i think about her constantly

our sweet angel baby

it has been so incredible the way our birth mom .. M .. has let us into her life
yesterday she had a dr appointment and as soon as she got home she texted asking me to call her so that she could give me the update. from the second she chose us she has involved us one hundred percent in everything that has to do with the baby. i will never be able to express what she means to us 

when we were on our way home from visiting M a couple of weekends ago RT and i were talking about how crazy the path was that led us to her
the way we thought the process would go was that we would send applications to several different adoption agencies
get approved
and begin being presented to birth moms
but before we even had a chance to send any applications our adoption consultant sent us info on M. we met most of her criteria and we jumped at the chance to be presented to her. she chose us on the spot even though her case worker had warned us that she might take a couple of days to decide once she had received the profiles
it is just so apparent that we were destined for each other

M and i were talking the other night and she was telling me that is makes her feel bad to say this but that this baby has never felt like hers. she said that she has felt guilty throughout her entire pregnancy because this is her second child but for some reason from day one the baby hasn't felt like hers. she said she understands now because the baby has always been ours. she told me she felt it the second she laid eyes on us

those are words that i will never forget
words i will always treasure
words that sunk deep into my heart and effected me completely

i can't wait to share those words with our daughter
i want her to know what an amazing person her birth mom is
i want her to understand how much we love her momma
i want her to love M just the same
we will sing M's praises for the rest of our lives
i just cant say enough .. 

happy tuesday!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

judy george?

name that movie!!

when i was a kid my parents were pretty strict about what we watched .. especially when it came to movies. they were sticklers about the no pg13 until you are 13 and all that jazz. so we watched a lot of old movies at our house

i had a healthy appreciation for doris day, rock hudson, audrey hepburn, cary grant and the like basically from birth and i still love them. there is just nothing better than a sunday afternoon curled up on the bed watching tony randall drunkely stumble off the train with rock hudson after hearing the news that rock's "ticker" was failing and he didn't have long to live

pure hilarity!!

I am feeling some cozy old movie days in my future :)

happy weekend!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

a bicycle sweater and a meet

top: joie     pants: j brand     shoes: frye
this past weekend RT and i woke up early saturday morning and drove to meet our birth mom. we had lunch with her and our case worker from the adoption agency and it was awesome!! i have been talking to her via text and phone calls for the past couple of weeks but meeting her in person just solidified everything for us

when we pulled up to the restaurant i really wasn't that nervous but then she sent a text telling us that they were there and where they were sitting and the butterflies instantly swarmed my stomach. it is like when you are a kid and you really want a friend to like you. you want to say the right thing and act the right way so that they will want to be your friend. well we really want her to like us and all of the sudden i got worried we might do something to make her decide she didn't

i got over the nerves as soon as we sat down with her and everything was great from then on. we got to spend the whole day with her on saturday .. after a nice long lunch she and i went and had manicures and pedicures .. then RT picked us up and the three of us went shopping/browsing at a couple of baby stores {she and i have a mutual love of shopping :)} .. and then we took her home and spent a little while with her at her house. the next morning before we got on the road to come home we picked her up and got to have breakfast with her

she is the sweetest person in the world! it is crazy because the whole time we have been dealing with the i word i have been constantly asking GOD why?? and now i know .. HE has been leading us to her and to her baby. they were always meant to be our family and now i can't even picture our family without them. i love to see such a clear representation of the LORD's plan :)

happy wednesday!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

want to hear a funny story??

top: mcginn     pants: citizens of humanity     shoes: urban outfitters
oh hey there shiny forehead!! nice of you to add a little extra something to this story .. you fit right in

so .. now that we live 45 minutes out of town i have to be very strategic about what time i work out

i leave the house at 7:30 .. barre from 8:30-9:30 .. come to the hoop and change clothes and freshen up before we open the store at 10

this morning was no different .. i loaded layla and all of my stuff into the car and started my commute .. i dropped everything and everyone at the hoop and went to work out .. i came back and when i went to the back to get my clothes so that i could change i realized i forgot them
i remembered shoes
and jewelry
but no clothes
there i was in my lululemon bright red stretchy pants and grey work out top with nothing to change into for work .. aawweessoommee!!

i had to buy pants and a top from the store {not actually that sad about it can't lie} and just make it work .. even without the proper undergarments {tmi?? can't help it .. it's the truth}

sadly this has become the story of my life lately {ha!} too many thoughts on too many things going in too many directions :)

happy weekend!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

black bootie black bootie black bootie oh yea black bootie

one     two     three     four     five     six
get it?? {ha!}

i am having an unhealthy obsession with black booties
i am constantly online wishing {as i call it} and lately it seems like black booties are calling to me

what are you guys wishing for this fall??

happy thursday!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

back to life back to reality

top: equipment     jacket: ella moss     pants: parker     shoes: l.a.m.b.
last week i was out of town with my mom sister and and it was so awesome!! we take a girls trip every fall and i look forward to it all year long. to have that time just the four of us is really very special to me!!

we also got to talk to our birth mom on the phone for the first time last week :)
she is amazing and i have been able to text back and forth with her some ever since then so that we can all get to know each other. a couple months ago i wrote this post and now i have had the privilege to convey those feelings to the woman GOD knew they were intended for. we get to meet her face to face this weekend and the anxious excitement is coursing through me!! i was this way before we talked too though and now i feel so normal talking to her so i think once the initial meeting happens we will all feel a lot more at ease

but now it is back to life and back to reality in a big way. i am back to work this week which feels great! it is always nice to get away for a little bit but i've gotta tell you i miss the hoop when i'm not here for a while. i guess that is yet another sign that i really do love my job :) i also have a long list of to dos for the house .. they are painting this week {woohoo!!} and we are in the process of picking out and refurbishing all of the furniture and decor and soon we will have to pick tile and carpet so there are lots of decisions to make right now. and thinking about everything we are going to need for the baby when she is born is crazy! my list for her keeps getting longer and longer {ha!}

we sure do have a lot going on but it is all very very very good things!!
loving life right now :)

happy tuesday!!