Thursday, February 26, 2015

another thing that happened last week ..

RT and i went to the maroon5 concert!!
my in.laws came for the weekend and they stayed an extra day to keep the littlest while we went to the concert

it was awesome!!
we had so much fun!!

i have been a mega fan for as long as i can remember and adam levine is basically my biggest celebrity crush ha!

RT gave me the tickets for my birthday and our seats were great!! not to mention the concert itself .. being a long time fan i was thrilled with the fact that they played songs from pretty much every album they have rather than only the songs from this most recent album
we stood and danced the whole time and i sang every song at the top of my lungs

it was a night with my sweet husband that i will never forget
thanks hunny!!

Monday, February 23, 2015


i was sick with the sinus infection from hell for about a week straight but in the mean time several fun things happened

first .. nancitti turned five months old!! 

she weighs fifteen pounds six ounces and is twenty six inches long

she loves..
..rolling around on the floor
..standing up on whoever is holding her
..making the happiest squeals and screams at the top of her lungs 
..playing with toys
..sucking on her toes
..watching layla and zoey 
..smiling the biggest most beautiful smile in the world 

she does not love..
..getting "stuck" on her tummy .. but she isn't actually ever stuck because she knows how to roll both ways .. she just sometimes acts like she can't
..anyone she doesn't see all the time
..i can't think of anything else because she really is the happiest baby girl

she is learning.. giggle .. she knows how but she is insanely selective about it!! her giggles are like diamonds that must be mined for ha! eat solids reach for the things she wants

so far five months is a fun age!!
she is more and more interactive every day and her little personality is bright and bold and i just love her so!!

happy monday!!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

the misfit box

top: trina turk
jacket: joie
pants: rich+skinny
shoes: dv by dolce vita
hat: target

today i printed out all of the paperwork that RT and i will have to fill out in order to update our home study so that .. when we are ready .. we can open our hearts to the next adoption situation and some new emotions have surfaced

in building our family we have found ourselves in three different "boxes"

the first box is the one for those who start trying .. get pregnant .. and have their baby
we never fit in that box but we thought we would right at first {as i guess everyone does}

the second is the infertile box .. there are lots of types of infertility but we fit securely in this box .. the weird thing is that i kinda feel like a misfit now because we did get pregnant .. and even more than that we did so naturally 

the third is the adoption box .. we also fit securely in this box because we are very passionate about adoption and definitely want to have at least one adopted child but i feel like a misfit because both of our adoptions have failed so far 

it is the strangest feeling
it takes me back to every girl's awkward middle school years when all she wants is to fit in
i don't want my family to be any different than it is so far and i have gotten to a place  where i am still sad and hurt and angry about the events of our past but i am also grateful for them because we are who we are as a family because of our past
but i do feel like an outcast of all of the "boxes" i have been in recently
being a misfit is always a bit awkward and uncomfortable

maybe that's the point .. who knows

happy Thursday!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

haha .. visions

at the littlest's most recent appointment with the pediatrician .. we talked about starting foods

she said that it is safe to start any time but to watch for cues from the littlest
ummm what?? 
at first i didn't really know how to recognize cues from my infant about starting something she doesn't even know exists but recently i have noticed that she has been completely enamored with our food and drinks
i can no longer eat or drink anything while i am nursing her because she is too obsessed with what i am doing to eat

so we decided to try food
i had some anxiety about this new stage so i read a lot about it .. most people said to start with something green so that she wouldn't get used to only eating sweet food

i got out our baby food maker and mixed up a lovely soup of breast milk and peas .. mmmmm mmmm 

i had this whole vision of how this experience would go ..
we would strip her down and put her in her high chair for the very first time
a green bid because she was eating green peas {duh!!}
and she would try .. and of course love .. this wonderfully delicious baby food that i made for her

well ..
so much for visions ..

the full version of this video actually ends with all of the peas coming back out and onto her bib but i thought it best so spare you that visual :)

also .. sorry for the sound of my voice .. that is not how i sound to me .. super  sorry that's what yall hear when i talk

happy monday!!

Friday, February 6, 2015

baby hot pants

is there really anything better than a baby in silver lame leggings??
i think not!!

you! are! welcome!

happy weekend!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

it's windy today so i wore a dress .. naturally

dress: de lux
tights: target
boots: rachel comey
doesn't wind make silky dresses look so cute in pictures ??
you. are. welcome.

the large majority of the time i am in jeans or pants of some sort
but somehow i always happen to wear a skirt or a dress when the wind is blowing
it's a talent of mine
try not to be too jealous

on another note .. it's always a plus when your hair color matches your lipstick .. and the pattern on your dress

sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself {ha!}

happy tuesday!!