Monday, February 7, 2011

The Battle of the Bulls

Texas Rodeo

 These are the only pair of cowboy boots I have owned since I was like 8 and those were bright red. Born and raised in Texas, this is actually an unbelievable fact. I am just not very country. I'm more of a high heels girl I guess. These boots are pretty cool though. They are vintage moccasin boots. This just means that the bottom is soft leather and is stitched up over the top of the foot. All of the stitching was hand sewn and so for cowboy boots I think they are pretty cool. I really only wear them once or twice a year if I am going to the rodeo but they serve a good purpose.

My Kind of Rodeo

Ok so these really aren't country at all but they are cow print so I feel like it counts a little bit. I absolutely love these boots. There is a boutique that I like to go to called the Rich Hippie and I got these there 4 or 5 years ago. I really like that they are brown black and nude so they honestly go with anything. Plus the embroidered flowers and stitching up the back just add some more pizazz. 

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