Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Four days until we leave for CB!! Wahoo!! We have been working on getting everything settled before we go. It is crazy how much stuff you have to think about. Who can pick up the mail everyday. Who can keep the dogs. When is the best time to drop the dogs off. What do we need to take that we don't have. When/what should we pack. How many bags are we going to need. Is this one carry on size. Etc.... Gee wiz the preparation is insanity. But so very worth it!

Today I am wearing this ..

Top: Trash and Luxury

Skirt: Parker

Tights: Free People

Shoes: Mossimo


How about this pleated green leather skirt?! Amazing right?!? We got it in at the hoop a couple of weeks ago and I have been dying for it ever since. I am completely obsessed. I finally got it yesterday and could not wait even one day to wear it. I chose a t shirt as my top today because I wanted the entire ensemble to still be casual and comfortable. Add my go-to lace tights and black booties and I was out the door ready for a day of work. By far my favorite look in a while!!


Happy Tuesday!


Monday, February 27, 2012


In 5 days we leave for Colorado!! I am so excited you can't even imagine. How awesome it is to get to go on vacations with my entire family?! To experience these memories together year after year. I know I talk about them all the time but my family is so much fun and the fact that we truly sincerely enjoy each other and our time spent together is such a blessing!

This morning as I was leaving for work RT took some pictures of my outfit but I left the adapter at home so I can't import any of them. Whoops!! So instead I will share with you the items I ordered from thread sense a couple of days ago ..

Cute huh?!

Happy Monday!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Yesterday in Instagrams

dang he is cute ;)

RT and I had the day off together yesterday! That alone makes it a great day but it was eighty degrees and sunny and so so beautiful .. we spent a couple of hours at the driving range {RT golfing and me lounging in the wonderful sunshine} .. we sat on a patio for lunch .. we shopped a little .. we sat on our back porch and chatted while the dogs enjoyed being outside with us .. we went to RT's favorite place for dinner with some of our friends .. it didn't start out exactly the way we wanted but it was still an exceptionally great day.


Happy weekend!!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Last Night

In case you were wondering what I did last night .. I thought I would tell you.

A few years ago I got a new bed frame and mattress for Christmas and my birthday. My siblings gave me this awesome cream colored pin tucked duvet for my new bed. Well that duvet was on its last legs so several weeks ago I ordered a new bedspread from anthropologie and threw the old one away {before the new actually got here of course}. When the new one arrived it was not at all what we thought and it was extra tiny. It barely covered the top of the bed and was just plain ugly. {I am not dogging anthro .. I am a huge fan of that store as a whole} Ever since then we have been searching for something else we liked and have had a hard time because we both love color and pattern but couldn't decide what to choose.

One day I noticed these tapestries on the urban outfitters website and I really love them. The problem was that they didn't have any in king size so they would be too small. That is when I channelled my older sister and got a stroke of creative genius. So I ordered these two ..
order this here
order this here

.. cut them up into four squares each and sewed them together to make this ..

.. and voila!! Brand new beadspread with all the color and pattern you could ever want. I totally love it!!

Happy Thursday!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


One of the many fun things about working in a boutique is that when we get new merchandise in I get to try it all on. Shopping at work? Yes please! So yesterday we got about a kazillion boxes of new clothes and jewelry and I spent some down time in the afternoon seeing what it all looked like on. This does more than just give me a wish list. It helps me to give customers information about the fit and style of different items .. these fit a little small .. this runs true in size .. I tried that on and it is adorable .. etc. I took some pictures during my little dressing room session and thought it would be fun to share.


Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Dress: Vintage
Belt: stolen from my mom {love you momma!}
Shoes: Aldo

Today is the first day of a big week for us. RT asked me not to share details until after the fact but if you know us you know what is going down. For the rest of you .. patience is a virtue {sorry bout that}. So we are praying hard. Everything crossed. And staying positive and confident.


I was searching through my closet deciding what to wear today and couldn't believe how long it has been since I have worn this dress. It is pretty structured for my taste but that is kinda why I like it so much. It's a look that is different for me but still has lots of color and pattern. Love! Love! Love! It is a work day and going to be gorgeous out {according to my local weather man} so if you live near by and have some free time get out and come visit us at the store. We have tons of cute things!!



Thursday, February 16, 2012

Don't Cry Over Spilled Coffee

You know those mornings when you have more to do than you actually have time for. You spend all morning running around like a crazy person and your dogs can't figure out why you are being so weird so they spend the whole time running around behind you. You finally get out the door with oatmeal, coffee, purse, lunch and chihuahua on your arm and you get in the car amazed that you were actually able to leave on time. On your way to work you are frustrated with all the other drivers because don't they know you are trying to get somewhere!! Jeewizz! All the while shoving oatmeal into your pie hole and spilling coffee all over your lap. 

Well that's the morning I had. And so I obviously did not have time to set up the tripod and take outfit pictures in front of my lovely rose patterned curtains. This is as good as it is going to get today people. Ha! And yes .. this is taken in a dressing room at the store where I work.

Top: vintage
Jeans: Genetic Denim
Shoes: Steve Madden
But to make up for it I thought I would also share this picture of my brother's oldest. My sister-in-law sent it to me on valentine's day {she is the world's best at sending out pictures of her kids! Thanks tara!} and it makes me happy every time I look at it. I know it makes you happy too. Don't deny it. She's friggin adorable!!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Our love story continued from yesterday ..

A little less than two years after that first date RT and I were on vacation with my family in Crested Butte, CO. We go every year and it is my most favorite place in the world. He told me that he wanted us to go to dinner just the two of us while we were there. I thought this was a little weird considering it was a family vacation but he said my parents were going to dinner with their friends that night so I figured it was a great opportunity for us to have some time just the two of us without ditching out on what everyone else was going to do. 

{let me give you a little background before I continue .. when I was about six months old my family moved from tx to crested butte. We lived there for several years when I was young before coming back home. One of the houses that we lived in while we were there was right off the main street across from a fire station {which if you know RT and I you know the significance there} and next to a tiny little park with a bridge going over a river. the house we stayed in on this trip was right over that bridge from my old house}

So RT and I go to a super yummy dinner at a local restaurant and once our food was cleared he asked if I was ready to leave. I still had a full glass of really amazing red wine so I told him I wanted to finish it before we left. We sat and chatted for a couple more minutes before he said "are you going to finished that wine?" I laughed and told him I was "why? are we in a hurry for something?" He said that we weren't but that he wanted to take me to the candy store to get dessert after we left. I had no clue why that meant I needed to rush my wine but nevertheless I drank up and we headed down the street to get some goodies. When we got to the turn to go back home he asked "do you REALLY want dessert?" At this point I am thinking .. What is he being so weird about? He is the one that was in such a hurry to leave dinner to go get dessert and now he doesn't want to go .. But I said "oh it doesn't matter to me. If you want to get back to the house I am fine with that." We turn and walk toward the house when we get about halfway across the bridge he says he wants to stop and watch the water. {I am thinking .. } is he for real? It is cold and snowing. Can't we gaze over the bridge tomorrow. But I stop with him and we have this conversation ..

RT: do you think water flows under here in the summer
me: well yeah I mean it is a river 
RT: hey look you can see the fire station from here. do you think they have people there 24/7.
me: I'm not sure but I would think so considering its a fire station {turns out they don't. just FYI}

This entire exchange I have been wondering why he was acting like such a weirdo never expecting that at that very moment he would get down on one knee and propose to me.

I wish I could tell you that I remember his words perfectly but honestly I don't know what he said. I instantly started saying oh my gosh! oh my gosh! oh my gosh! Before finally saying yes! And trying to hug the life out of him. I was so excited! And so surprised. 

The house we stayed in had the living space on the second floor so everyone except for my sister was up there. She was sitting downstairs talking to her husband on the phone when we walked in. I sat down next to her. Started crying {shocking that I hadn't cried before this moment} and asked her to be my maid of honor. She cried too and said that she would and we all went upstairs and told everyone else. 

After the congratulations and the hugs my mom pulled out a bunch of wedding magazines and a book of invitations and said "ok no pressure but if you want to get married may 22 then we have to pick invitations by this Saturday {it was like Wednesday or Thursday or something}. You have a meeting with the guy to make your dress on Tuesday after we get home and the wedding coordinator and the tent people are scheduled to come to the house that Thursday.

This isn't actually as crazy as it sounds because RT had gone to ask my parent's for permission a month earlier and he and my mom had subtly been getting info about what I would want my wedding to be like ever since. So I slept on it and decided may 22 would be perfect. That date was exactly 12 weeks from the day we got engaged. My mom and my wedding coordinator were absolute rock stars. The process was smooth and one of the best times of my life. I had my last fitting for my dress on the Tuesday before the wedding and it still was not finished. They finished and delivered it on the afternoon before our Saturday wedding date and it was perfect. It was all perfect. Getting married at my parent's house. The music. The tent. The colors. The flowers. The food. The ceremony. The dancing. The fun. The family. The friends. My groom.

And now we will soon be heading back to CB for this years ski trip exactly two years from our engagement.

Happy Valentines Day RT!! I love you!

And happy valentines day to all of you too. Hopefully you can spend this day cherishing all of your loved ones!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 13, 2012


I am aware that every blogger on the planet who has a significant other is doing this but I thought I would dedicate today and tomorrow to my love story. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day after all. And even though I am not a big valentines day person .. I love a reason to celebrate my husband!

It all started nearly four years ago. It was the start of the summer and I was determined to be single for a while {I had just gotten out of a long time relationship}. So it was a Saturday evening and I was enjoying a bubble bath, a Doris Day movie, and a glass of red when I got a call from a friend 

"hey come meet me at sushi. I have a guy I want you to meet"
"no way! I am in the bath. It would take me too long to get cute enough to meet a new boy. Plus I am in single mode remember?"
"no pressure. I just think you guys would get along. We'll wait. Hurry hurry"

So .. I did. First impression of the guy sitting across from my friend at the sushi restaurant? Hottie! {ok I don't actually talk like that but the word is appropriate ha!} I sat down and we all chatted easily and comfortably for a while. When we got up to leave he suggested we all head over to this local bar to have a couple of drinks. My friend gave some excuse about having to shower but promised to meet up once she got ready. Considering I was freshly showered and thought this fellow was pretty darn appealing I agreed to meet him. We sat getting to know each other for a while and when it was time to leave he asked me out on a date for Tuesday night! 

This was super exciting and very nerve racking for me. I had never been on a date like this before. I had had several boyfriends but I was always good friends with them first so the whole first date with the boy you don't really know thing had never happened to me. Naturally I spent ample time freaking about what to wear. Settling on skinny jeans and heals with a new spring sweater. 

He picked me up and we went out to dinner and back to his house to watch a movie. Mostly the date was perfect. He was so sweet and funny and we had a great time .. until the drive home. We had the most awkward conversation .. he asked me about my last relationship {like I said .. I had just gotten out of a long time relationship not long before this}. I answered honestly but got so awkward about it and when we got to my house I all but sprinted to the door and slammed it behind me barely stopping to say thank you and goodnight. Smooth. I know. 

I texted my friend who had introduced us assuring her that I would never hear from him again because I acted like a complete freakazoid. I ended up texting him the next day apologizing for being so weird and it turns out I was wrong .. I absolutely did hear from that cute new boy again. 
And again.
And again.
don't judge my short, highlighted ha ..
it wasn't the best do i've ever had but hey we can't get it right EVERY time can we?

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow!

Happy Monday!

Friday, February 10, 2012


Dashiki: EMBER Vintage
Shirt: Mossimo
Tights: Spanx
Sweater: Rebecca Taylor
Boots: Steve Madden
This is the piece that I chose from EMBER vintage. A dashiki! So cute right?! I love it. It works now layered up but in the summer i can wear shorts and it will be perfect. I .. of course .. threw it on over tights and a tutle neck .. my go-to cold weather base layer pieces. Then I topped it all of with my grey combat boots and an oversized sweater that saw its last leg a long long time ago and yet I still can't seem to give it up.

I wore this outfit yesterday on a day off with my love. We spent all day running around town being productive. I love having days of with RT!! I really had to appreciate it too because he is about to be holed up in a room studying for two weeks straight. It is going to be a long couple of weeks but I am so proud of him and it will be over soon enough.

Happy weekend!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spring/Summer Inspiration Board

Ok people I am really excited about this inspiration board. I keep telling everyone that I am going to be a hippie this summer and by golly I mean it. Not in a costumey character sort of way but just majorly influenced by the late 60s early 70s. 

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 6, 2012

I Believe That We Will Win

Yesterday was the super bowl .. in case you didn't know. and my friend Ben is a mega Giants fan. We went over to Ben and Bridget's to watch the game.

we ate lots of yummy food ...
 philly cheesesteak egg rolls 
stuffed jalapenos
RT's homemade salsa
cheese its
 cream cheese with jalapeno jelly and wheat thins
southwest beef empanadas
barbeque chicken empanadas
ranch dip
hot wings
 this is Chloe. 
she is Ben and Bridget's adorable little angel. 
she is a Giants fan too. 
you have to be to live there {ha!}

we hung out with friends and had a blast ...
i am sure every one feels this way but RT and i have the most awesome friends in the world. i always always have so much fun when we get together!!
 we cheered on the Giants ...
 ... and it worked because they WON!!
 so naturally Janson stuck his face in the middle of the cake ... 

Happy Monday!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fun Surprise

I got my package from Nicole of This Little Momma yesterday! Talk about a welcome home from work surprise .. look at this fun clip that she sent. I has an alligator and a pin so it can go in my hair or on my clothes. I absolutely love it!! Hot pink is my all time favorite color {hence the pink hair}. Thanks Nicole!! The package also came with a really sweet note and ...

Holy cow!! If you know me them you know how much this means to me {ha! . If I could sustain myself on Sour Patch Kids alone I would. I ate some for dessert after breakfast this morning. Dessert after breakfast is normal isn't it? Yea I think so too. Dessert after any meal is a must in my opinion. Especially if there are sour patch kids to be eaten. Yum!

I still haven't decided what to get from EMBER. There is so much cute stuff and I am indecisive but I will make a choice very soon. Thank you so much Nicole!! You are so sweet!! And to all of my wonderful readers .. You guys should check out her blog. I know you will love it as much as I do. Comment and let her know you stopped by. Bloggers appreciate that sort of thing :)

Tunic: Free People
Dress: Taka Wear
Tights: Spanx
Heels: Steve Madden
I have been trying to find creative ways to wear this lace and fringe tunic. When I first put this on this morning {before i looked in the full length mirror}I wasn't so sure but honestly I really love it. I think black and brown always look great together and the subtlety of the colorful patterned dress underneath is a fun little pop. Unless I am going completely monochromatic .. I very rarely leave without some color. I feel so drab. If ever I first put on an outfit made up of mostly neutrals even RT will say something like "it looks great but I think you need a colored shoe or something to liven it up." I love that man. He knows me so well {ha!}.

Today is a work day and I can't believe it is already Thursday. This week is flying by. My boss and I went to market at the end of last week so there is a lot to be done around the store on top of the normal hustle and bustle. That is .. I think .. the best part of being manager now. There is so much more to do. I am so enjoying the added responsibility. I just love my job!!
And we ordered these awesome new wrap bracelets by Vanessa Swarovski Piedra. She is the great granddaughter of the original Swarovski and she has branched out and is designing these bracelets. We re really excited about them here at the hoop. If you live in the area you should come by and check them out. We have several different styles.

Happy Thursday!!