Tuesday, June 28, 2016

sisters sisters there were never such devoted sisters

as we neared the birth of LG .. RT and i worried some about how the littlest would react and adjust to having a baby sister .. to not being the only baby in our house

luckily .. she has truly loved it
that is not to say that she is alway as kind and gentle as we would like for her to be
sometimes she jerks LGs paci out of her mouth just and she is falling asleep
or "pats" her a little too aggressively
but mostly she is all about her baby sister

when i go up to her room to get her out of bed in the mornings or after her nap .. LG is the first person she asks about
she loves to kiss her on the head and she is constantly showing LG off to anyone around

as the due date for the next baby sister in our house quickly approaches .. i am incredibly thankful for and excited about the bond that these girls will have
they are coming fast and furious but i am hoping that means they will be the best of friends

so far so good as just the other morning the littlest and LG were having their milk and watching cartoons and the littlest wanted to "hole hans" with her baby sister

i love them so much!!
happy tuesday!!