Tuesday, July 29, 2014

nighty night

dress and shoes: free people
RT and i went on a little impromptu date last saturday night and we took these photos after

i love date nights and especially unplanned let's randomly go out to a nice dinner date nights .. i know those will become way few and far between in the very near future so i am enjoying it while i still can

the closer we get to her arrival the more and more emotional i seem to be .. thank you hormones {ha!}

luckily .. i am still mostly comfortable
she is definitely running out of room in there and when she stretches out it is crazy feeling
i have a pinched nerve right over my rib cage on the right side that my doctor called a hot spot and it burns pretty bad but it only bothers me when i am laying down which isn't great as far as sleeping goes but for the majority of my day i am good
i am still sleeping really well and most nights sleep through the night .. it seems like if i do wake up then i don't sleep well for the rest of the night so i am thankful that isn't happening everyday

but really that is all
other than those couple of minor things i am still just cherishing every second that i have with her growing and moving around in there
because of our i word issues .. i am insanely aware that i might never experience the feeling of being pregnant again
GOD blessed us with this miracle and i know he could do it again but there is no guarantee
so for these next seven and a half weeks i am going to soak up every little aspect of being pregnant

we went to the doctor yesterday and babyP is still head up
she has a few more weeks to move on her own and i am really hoping she does that because my doctor said an external version to try and get her to flip is a definite possibility but my belly is already pretty tight and it is possible she will be reluctant to flip
if she doesn't flip i will have to have a c.section
i will do whatever is best for our little lady but any and all prayers that she would do a little somersault would be greatly appreciated :)

happy tuesday!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

five favorites

five things that .. for me .. are pregnancy must haves and why ..

1.. spoiled mama bump gloss .. **vanity alert** i have been really worried about getting stretch marks
i know i know that is really lame but i figure if i can prevent it .. why not
so far so good on the two products i have been using
the first is the bump gloss by spoiled mama and i just massage quite a bit of it into my skin all over my belly before i dry off after a bath or shower

2.. spoiled mama tummy butter .. every morning before i get dressed and every night before i get in bed i massage a whole bunch of this into the skin of my belly .. sides .. back .. hips .. chest .. basically everywhere but my arms legs face and upper back {ha!} 
i have not missed one single application since we found out i am preggo and like i said .. so far so good :)

3.. leachco total body pillow ..  my boss at the hoop got this pillow when she was pregnant with her first baby and she didn't love it because she said it made her too hot so .. lucky for me .. she passed it down when i found out i am pregnant
holy cow!!
this thing is amazing!!
RT doesn't love it as much as i do because it is like a barrier between us but i curl up into this pillow and it is like being on a cloud built specifically for a pregnant person
i sleep on my left side with it under my pillows under my head with my left arm kinda tucked under it .. the long part runs behind my back and then the other curved end comes between my legs and up under my belly
without it i think i wouldn't sleep
i am serious .. i love it!!
it is soft and cozy and supportive and just perfect

4.. belli anti.blemish facial wash .. during the first trimester of this extravaganza i had a hard time battling acne .. this is sort of a recurring issue for me and my hormones actually
so .. i did some research because i didn't want to use anything with harsh chemicals that would fight the blemishes but could potentially be harmful to me and/or babyP
this belli face wash it one hundred percent safe during pregnancy and it works really well
i have not had problems with acne at all since i started using it
honestly i think i will keep using it even after i have this little girl .. why use harsh chemicals if you don't have to right?!

5.. weleda calendula face cream .. this is actually for babies not for adults but i don't care because it is great
i will admit that the first time i used it i was skeptical because it is pretty thick and oily but i stuck with it and .. just like the face wash .. i will continue to use this after pregnancy
it is very delicate on the skin {made for babies} and yet extremely moisturizing
it doesn't clog my pores and i have had no trouble with oily or dry skin on my face since using it when normally i am a classic t.zone skin type

so there you have it .. five of my favs

happy wednesday!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

getting prepared

top: soft joie
dress: asos
shoes: dolce vita
saturday RT and i spent the day creating registries at a couple of different stores in town in preparation for babyP

it was so fun to go and look at all of the sweet little baby things and RT was such a good sport .. he participated quite a bit and has a good eye for picking out cute stuff .. i think we get more and more excited for her arrival everyday!!

the clothes and stuff like that were pretty easy to pick out 
the only hard thing is that little girl is going to be born right at season change so we had a hard time getting stuff for 3-6 months on the registries since fall/winter clothes aren't in stores yet
but mostly i think we will be well set nd had great options to choose from :)

the big box .. register for necessities here .. store was a whole different story

first of all i am not a great decision maker .. i need two things to choose from not twenty million 
and also .. so many people have been so helpful in trying to help us know what we will really need and what stuff is not worth it but conflicting advice from different people that we trust makes it even harder for me .. i get easily overwhelmed {ha!}

for instance .. i am hoping to nurse so when i go back to work after my maternity leave i will have to have some milk stored up that she can take from a bottle while i am away .. the bottles have proven to be a hard thing 

we already have four bottles that are a brand that several people i know use/have used
but .. i am not sure those are the ones we really want because i have done a lot of research on what bottles are best for nursing babies and they are nowhere on any of the lists that people recommend 
so .. do i go with those because we already have some and because i know people who have used them?? 
or .. do i go with bottles that have been proven and recommended by experts and consumers alike for nursing babies??
and how many different types of bottles should i register for??
i have been told to go with at least two different ones because she might not take the first one we try .. there are two types that get the best reviews for nursing babies but if i register for both then we could potentially have three different kinds of bottles in our house .. you see where this is going .. dilemma! dilemma! dilemma!
.. and the indecisive side of me starts to spontaneously combust!!

don't even get me started on bottle warmers .. {ha!}

happy monday!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014


this larry the elephant tank from patterson j. kincaid was honestly a favorite before i even owned it

as soon as we unpacked it from the box at the hoop i knew i had to have it and it hasn't disappointed

i have already worn it a ton and paired with these metallic shorts from heartloom it was the perfect cute yet comfortable outfit for a day of working from home and running errands with RT

happy thursday!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

thirty weeks

these pictures were actually taken a couple of weeks ago so if you can believe it .. baby girl is even bigger now

this dress that i am wearing is from target and i am pretty sure they are selling it intending for it to be a swimsuit cover up but i put a neutral michael stars slip under it and am going with dress ..
perfectly acceptable in my opinion {ha!}

i had an appointment with my dr this morning and got to have another sonogram!!
babyP is thirty weeks and three days and is doing perfect

she is breech right now but my dr said she still has plenty of time {4-6 weeks} to turn on her own before she gets too big
i will happily do whatever i need to but a c.section is not my first choice so any prayers you can send up that babyP flips over on her own would be greatly appreciated

the sonogram tech estimates that she weighs about three pounds six ounces right now .. in the fortieth percentile for weight so she is a little small but nothing to be concerned about

she has got a little bit of hair on her head and seems to have a habit of sucking on her arm .. i was a shameless thumb sucker for an embarrassingly long time so it wouldn't surprise me for her to find her thumb :)

all in all she seems to be doing great and we have just ten short weeks until we get to kiss her precious cheeks!!

happy monday!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

new duds

dress: fp one
shoes: seychelles
for several weeks now i have been struggling with my clothes
it is the first time in my life that i don't feel consistently confident in what i wear
the first time in my life that i feel more confident out of my clothes than in them

you see i am loving this new shape
i never thought i would be able to carry our babies and while i don't think that is the most important thing in the world i am grateful for the blessing even if it's just this one time
it is really cool to feel babyP's constant movements and to track her growth through my growth

but my regular clothes just don't fit anymore
buttons screaming
silk stretching
pants squeezing the ever loving life out of me
it's bad news

so last week i went shopping with my mom sister and sister.in.law for some new duds
we only went into one actual maternity store .. and while they had some cute stuff .. it was all a little plain and basic for my taste

we ended up having the best luck at free people
i was able to find cute fun funky stuff that still feels like me and my style but actually fits .. amazing {ha!}

happy tuesday!!