Wednesday, August 28, 2013

each and every wall yall {a house update}

we have walls! woohoo! woohoo! 

so here is a quick look at where we started and where we are now ..
 before .. when you walked in our house there was a little entry through which you could walk straight into our dining room or turn left and enter the living room. now you can't turn left .. you must walk straight :)
 we tore out the middle bedroom that you see above and opened up our entire living/dining/kitchen area so that it is how you see below

 at the start you are looking at what will be the kitchen .. turn right and you see the openings for the laundry room and a storage area .. turn right and you can see straight into the living room .. turn right again and you see the lead into the bathroom and downstairs bedrooms and the pantry and south wall of the kitchen

 our old master area was really just a bedroom with two tiny closets and a bathroom so small that  if you stood up from the toilet you were standing at the sink and could touch the furthest wall of the shower .. not anymore :) the first picture of the remodeled master area is our closet that you walk through to enter our bedroom that opens up to the back porch and from the bedroom you enter the bathroom
 before we didn't have an upstairs but now we do .. with a living room an office two bedrooms and a bathroom
from this  .... to this .... to this

happy wednesday!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

pink and black and pink and black and

t.shirt: way old redone     under shirt: joie     bottoms: genetic denim     shoes: rachel comey
hot pink has been my signature color for as long as i can remember .. but not in an elle woods sort of way. i mean i love me some legally blonde just like anyone else i just don't really identify with her so much .. anyway i love pink and black is always a great canvas for it

i have to be honest though i don't actually like these jeans very much. they are crazy stretchy and thin which makes them soft but they have exactly zero shape or hold. when you have junk in your trunk .. you need a little support .. i'm just sayin

bbuuttttt i do like the color and paired back to one of my favorite old t.shirts layered over another favorite blouse and a big huge bun .. it is just simple and easy and comfortable 

doesn't get much better than that right??

happy monday!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

a punta cana photo diary

as you all know .. we just spent a week in punta cana, dominican republic celebrating the wedding of ben and bridget. they are two of my most favorite people in the whole world and i am so glad i got to be a part of their celebration. the week was so much fun and the wedding was beyond perfect

here are a few of the photos we took ..
can't beat days spent on beaches like this 
happy birthday mr. t!!
us with the bride and groom :)
my date was pretty dang studly {ha!}
first dance
sometimes people photo bomb like this and it is too hilarious not to share with the whole world 
good bye for now punta cana .. you will be missed!!

these memories with our friends are for the books .. love you guys!!
congrats ben and bridget!! 

happy thursday!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

hola amigos

hello friends!

these pictures are brought to you straight from the paradisus punta cana en la republica dominicana

our week at the beach with our friends was so much fun and ben and bridget's wedding was beyond gorgeous!! {more pictures coming soon}

but now we are back to life and back to reality in a big way .. i am at the store today and then we have the first home study visit for our adoption tonight. i have to be honest i am nervous! i mean i know it will be fine and i have had a lot of communication with the woman who is coming to meet with us so i know she is nice and everything but she is the first person who determines whether we get to adopt or not. if she doesn't clear our home study we don't get to apply to agencies

needless to say .. it's a big night for us .. fingers crossed!!

happy tuesday!!

Monday, August 12, 2013

que the wedding march

top: too old to remember     shorts: mother     shoes: matisse     bag: urban expressions
he is cute huh?!? :)

so.. two of my very favorite people in the whole entire world are getting married this weekend!! i am beyond excited for them! 

and.. as if that isn't awesome enough on its own .. they are getting married in the dominican republic so we are going to be at the beach for a week with all of our closest friends!! 
we leave tomorrow .. i am PUMPED!!

needless to say i won't be tending to this little blog here or anything else at all for one whole week other than soaking up some sun with my peeps and celebrating the union of two of my besties :)

see yall on the flip side :)

Friday, August 9, 2013

a house update

hey guys! a lot has been going on with the house lately!! everything is all ready and waiting on inspection from the city so that they can start insulation and sheet rock .. woohoo!!
please disregard the GIANT trench in RT's usually beautiful yard and notice house cute the front looks with the second story finished and the roof on and everything >> and our front porch area is now going to be covered .. see^^
 this is what will be our pantry but currently it is randomly housing a bunch of doors {ha!} >> and our kitchen has its windows and door and all of the plumbing and electricity is finished >> and this is the laundry area .. it has been a big topic of discussion the past day or so actually {ha!} my mom has her creative wheels turing as far as decor and I AM LOVING IT!!
moving on to the master area .. first you see what will be our closet that is also the hallway leading into our bedroom >> and in the bedroom we have french doors leading out onto the back porch that will also be covered now >> and our long skinny bathroom 
 heading upstairs you enter into the family room >> and our office is up there too 
 one bedroom toward the front of the house >> with a bathroom {with a tub that is installed and succesfully holds water .. yea for small victories!!} between it and >> the bedroom toward the back of the house

we are beyond excited you guys and i love being able to share the progress here!!

getting closer and closer to move in day every minute :)

happy weekend!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

might be hard to understand

i love a child i have never met
          i love their mother too
                    more than i really know how to express
                                     is that hard to understand?

somewhere out there is a woman who is either already pregnant 
or will become pregnant with the baby that RT and i will get to raise
she is my hero

i feel like as humans we are selfish by nature
we simply think of ourselves first .. even if we wish we didn't
but the birth mom of our child will put herself second in order to make an adoption plan for her baby
can you even imagine?!?

for whatever reasons .. she will decide that her baby will get to have the life that she deeply desires for them by going to live with someone else .. with us

the magnitude of that is hard for me to wrap my brain around

she loves her baby so much that she will be willing to let us raise him/her .. and one thing is for sure .. our baby will know that about their mother. they will know how much she loves them. they will know that is why they live with us .. that is why we get to be their mom and dad

she is not giving up on her child
she is not weak and unwilling

she is the exact opposite
she is giving up herself for her child
          she is the strongest most willing person
                    strong enough to make an adoption plan to let us raise her child
                               willing enough to think objectively about what she truly wants for her baby

i adore them both and i can't wait to meet them so that we can all become a family ..

happy wednesday!!