Thursday, February 3, 2011

Going to the Chapel and We're ....

Dress: Michael Faircloth     Shoes: Christian Louboutin 
.... already married ... and we didn't get married in a chapel but whatever ha! We actually had our wedding ceremony in my parents house which is where these photos were taken so it is just how it should be. 
My watch is vintage and it was my "something borrowed" from my mom. My ring was designed by me and my husband and our jeweler. And my dress, well, my dress was the one thing that I had very clear and specific ideas for when it came to wedding details. I had a ton of help from my wedding planner and my mom with all of the other details and they came together in a way that was so much more than perfect. 
But what now? What should I do with my wedding dress now that the BIG DAY is over??
I have a biased opinion I know but, my wedding dress is amazing. Michael Faircloth of Dallas, TX, and his fabulous team made it for me. The fabric was sent to India to be hand embroidered and beaded. It was exactly what I dreamed of for my wedding dress.
So again I ask, What now?
I could have it heirloomed but then this incredible dress would just be stuck in a box and shoved under a bed or into a closet and never looked at again.
I could take it apart and use the pieces for other purposes except that I know I wouldn't because to me it will always be my wedding dress. No matter how many pieces it is in.
I could sell it ... but let's be honest ... that is highly unlikely. It has way too much sentimental meaning.
I am a huge Audrey Hepburn fan and the inspiration for my dress was from the dress she wore in the movie Sabrina. It was her dress for the Larrabee's party when she returned from Paris during the first part of the movie.
Anyway, the point is that my mom keeps asking me what I want to do with it but I just can't seem to make a decision ...... Who knows. 

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