Wednesday, August 31, 2016

and baby makes three

babies that is .. baby makes three babies

as i sit this morning .. feeding my youngest peeking in on my middle girl while she sleeps and enjoying the sounds of my oldest as she runs around in all her glory .. i can.t help but wonder what our newest girl will be like

we welcomed our bitty girl exactly one week ago and i am curious because her older sisters are so very different ..

the littlest is my preshy little sour patch girl .. she is mostly sweet and everyone loves her but she can have a sour side too .. she is busy busy busy and talk talk talks to everyone about everything .. she is tons of fun and has no fear .. she wants to know our limits and often pushes them just to see .. she loves her routine and to have everything in its proper place .. she is fiercely independent but loves her people so much .. i adore her with every bit of my heart and soul!!

LG is my soft and sweet girl .. she is almost always happy and hands out her full face smiles to anyone anytime .. she is calm cool and collected and is content to go with the flow .. she loves to watch her sister run around and play .. she loves to be snuggled in close and loved on .. she is starting to babble and coo and even gives the occasional giggle .. she is a serene presence in our home .. my heart explodes with so much love for her that it often brings me to tears!!

so who will you be baby girl number three??
we are so excited that you are here and that we will soon find out!!

happy wednesday from this house full of girls!!

Friday, August 12, 2016


*getting a picture of them both looking happy at the camera at the same time is basically impossible*
with the olympics in full swing and the US women's gymnastics team doing so well .. i have been surprised by how much focus has been put on the fact that simone biles' parents are biologically her grandparents
i dont at all see why this matters or what it could possibly have to do with her gymnastics ability but none the less people seem stunted by the fact that her mom and dad are not her birth parents

as a mom of an adopted daughter i know we will face similar comments and questions for the rest of our lives and that makes me sad
it has already started in full force due to the fact that i am so pregnant 
people want an explanation .. how can all of these children possibly be yours?!?

while i am so thankful for adoption and how it is building my family .. i do not want it to separate LG from the rest of us in any way 
yes she was adopted but i am her real mom
RT is her real dad
the littlest is her real sister

she has been in our arms .. in our family .. in our home since the second she took her first breath
she has been in our hearts since we first learned of her last december 
she is just as much a part of our family as any of the rest of us
she is just lucky enough to also have a tummy mommy who loves her so desperately that she made the impossible choice to place her daughter with us

i never want LG to feel ashamed of the fact that she was adopted
as a family .. we will always celebrate the way she came to be one of us
and we will celebrate her tummy mommy every single day

but i also dont want to have to qualify the make up of my family by explaining that LG was adopted
so i pray for the ability to do both
and for the ability to raise her to be confident in where she comes from .. who she is .. and who she becomes

happy friday!!