Thursday, October 30, 2014

throwback thursday costume style

you all know how much i love a good costume party!!

any chance to dress up is something i really love

in light of that .. and of course the fact that halloween is tomorrow .. here are a few costumes from the last few years .. some halloween some not

a friend of ours turned thirty and she had an eighties themed birthday party .. i went as an eighties aerobics girl and RT went as peewee herman .. he won the costume contest {ha!}

this year we went as the queen of hearts and the mad hatter for halloween
i think it is pretty awesome that my husband will go all out with his costumes the same way i like to :)

year before last for halloween RT was just some kind of scary dude and i was a creepy clown

and for your viewing pleasure my friend katie threw an old people party for her husband's thirtieth and these costumes were all pretty hilarious!!

happy thursday!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

a screaming good time

top: kaya di koko
pants: free people
shoes: free people
a couple of weekends ago one of my girlfriends was visiting from out of town and RT stayed home with the littlest so that i could have dinner with my friends
RT is an extremely hands on dad so i was not at all surprised when i got home about nine thirty and the baby was asleep in her bassinet and all was well
when i asked how everything went RT kind of laughed and said horrible
apparently the littlest wasn't thrilled with the temperature of her milk .. too cold
he said she screamed louder than he had every heard her scream
the funny part of the story is how the dogs reacted .. he said every time the littlest would wail layla would whine and that zoey was just sitting staring at him and he felt like she was saying you should probably call mom you don't know what you are doing
she had only been given two bottles in her life at that point so we were all still learning how to thaw and heat the milk to the right temperature and blah blah blah
anyway he was laughing about it and he was so sweet because he didn't call or text or anything .. he just powered through so that i could enjoy my night out and by the time i got home he had fed her and put her down

today the littlest has chosen not to nap .. at all .. so fun!!
she slept great last night but all day today she has been fighting sleep and wanting to be awake and it was actually going pretty well until about thirty minutes ago .. now she is over tired and seriously voicing her anger about it
and i am laughing because layla is sleeping next to us but every big scream the littlest lets out the bitty lets out a long whine .. the shrill sound must grate her ears {ha!}

now we are going for a walk .. usually the littlest sleeps during a walk .. wish us luck!!

happy wednesday!!

Friday, October 24, 2014

tinybeans .. an app to love
i discovered this app in the middle of the night the other night while i was feeding the littlest and i really love it so far so i wanted to share it with all of you :)

i was sitting there looking down at her teeny tiny little face thinking that i wish there was someone with a camera filming every second of her life
i don't want to forget a single minute of who and how she is right now
all of her facial expressions
what she does and doesn't like
what she looks like
which of her outfits are our favorites
what she is learning
how she is changing
and on and on and on

so then i thought .. there is an app for everything .. there has got to be an app for this

and i found tinybeans

it is in the format of a calendar and you can add photos and journal entries for everyday of the year
LOVE it!!
it is super user friendly and in my opinion is a must have for any mom because you can just snap a photo and/or add a journal entry really quick anytime
i also like that you can access your family journal from the website as well .. that way you can use the app to upload photos from your phone but also upload the pictures from your computer on the website
plus the fact that it is in a calendar format makes it simple to go back to any date and add or just look at what was going on that day

i hope you like it as much as i do :)

happy weekend!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

guess what she can do


first guess what i can't do .. weed out pictures of the littlest
she is just so dang cute and she is mine so i think every single picture of her is just the best picture ever taken {ha!}

moving on to what she can do .. smile!!
she doesn't smile all the time yet but we have gotten a few smiles that really seem genuine and intentional and .. let's just be frank .. not gas induced
the first one was the best though

RT got home from work on monday and when she saw him her whole face broke into the biggest sweetest smile i have ever seen in my life
she is such a good baby :)
making her daddy feel special!!

in other news ..
this week she has moved into  zero to three months sized clothes and even though everyone who sees her still says she is so tiny i feel like she is getting so so big
and she has slept for six hours two nights .. they were not two nights in a row but still {ha!}

happy tuesday!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

a chill in the air

me ..
top: patterson j kincaid
bottoms: frame denim
shoes: seychelles
nancitti ..
whole outfit: kickee pants
you guys all know how much i love fall and winter but much to my dismay we have had an unseasonably warm october :(

many days in the nineties when it should be low eighties .. this is no good i tell you .. no good!!

but we have had a few days with just the tiniest chill in the air and i am taking full advantage
walking with the littlest
wearing booties with jeans and "sweaters" .. this is technically a sweater but it is cotton and a large open weave so it by no means keeps anyone warm .. and i had to wear it with a camisole underneath so i wouldn't get too hot {ha!}

what is it that they say ??
fake it until you make it??
that's the approach i am taking .. i am just going to pretend it's getting colder until it actually does
that will happen eventually right?!
it can't stay hot forever right?!

happy weekend!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

one month big

the littlest is already one month old
how is that even possible

exactly one second ago i was laying her on my chest for the very first time
looking into her perfect little eyes
kissing her tiny head
listening to her first sweet cries
one second ago she entered the world at six pounds twelve ounces .. now she weighs nine pounds
one second ago she was nineteen and a half inches long .. now she is twenty one inches
how has it already been a month?!?

she snuggles like a champ .. mom and dad love it!!
is learning to love a bath .. turns out kicking around in the water isn't so bad after all
she's showing us more and more of her personality everyday
and is awake during the day a lot more than a month ago
she loves to look around and is fascinated by our faces and lights
her head control is getting better and better
she is still sleeping for a good three to five hour stretches at night
and she took her very first bottle this morning which she and her daddy both loved {he got to feed her}

basically she is the best baby {my opinion might be biased ha!}

i am learning new things too ..
just about everything can be done with just one hand while the other holds a baby.. like blogging .. who says you need two hands to type??
four hours of uninterrupted sleep will make you feel like a brand new woman
going out to a thirty minute breakfast feels like a luxurious meal when you haven't eaten outside the home in a month
being a mom is the best feeling in the world
it is everything i thought it would be and also so so much more :)

i love this little girl more than i ever thought possible
happy one month angel baby

happy tuesday!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

transitioning to mommy

a few things i have noticed that change the instant you become a mom..

..the way you feel about bodily functions in general
 will literally try to catch projectile spit up in your hand without even thinking about it
 will cheer for big manly burps coming out of your tiny baby daughter because a good burp means more good nursing
 get excited about your child's first real poop .. the first one that is not meconium
          ..your awareness about other people's coughing sneezing snot etc. is insanely heightened
..your nonexistent ability to be lazy all day is suddenly very existent because absolutely nothing is better than laying around snuggling a tiny one
..the amount of laundry and dishes you do .. INSANE
..the lack of showering you do .. also INSANE and also kind of gross
..your awareness of other peoples lack of ability to drive .. stay in your lane lady my kid's in this car!! hard it is to leave them even for an hour
..your protectiveness
..this crazy love you feel much you want to soak up and savor every little grunt and groan and squeak .. and on that note .. your realization of how squeaky tiny babies are you simultaneously can't wait for what their future holds and really don't want them to grow even one ounce

happy tuesday!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

introducing the littlest

hello everyone!!
i am finally back {ha!}
i have been trying to write and post this blog since monday but i have other things filling up my time now so wednesday it is :)

this is the last photo taken of me before my heart left my body in the form of the most beautiful little girl in the world
she was born september thirteenth at twelve 'o nine pm
weighed six pounds twelve ounces {which her dad guessed exactly}
and was nineteen and a half inches long
with the cutest full head of dark brown hair
i know that everyone says this but i never really understood until now .. the instant rush of love that you feel for your child is absolutely indescribable!!
she is so perfect and we can't get enough of her!!
she is still so little that not even newborn size clothes fit her yet .. so we are rotating her five or so outfits that do fit knowing .. and honestly feeling a little sad .. that she is growing growing growing all the time
she is a great sleeper!!
sleeping consistently at least three hours at a time and has given us as many as five hours in the middle of the night .. she loves us {ha!}
goodness look at that face!!
she is everything and even more!!

happy wednesday!!