Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby It's Cold Outside

Top: Target     Skirt: Pasametes     Tights: Spanx
Boots: Chinese Laundry     Cape: Joie
Brrrrrrrr! This past weekend we had temperatures as high as 73 degrees and now look at me. My thermometer in my car was reading 17 degrees when I was driving to work this morning. You just have to laugh at the crazy bipolar TX weather.
I love love love the cold and SNOW (!!!) but it makes people around here kind of freak out. Especially when they are driving. I saw this poor little old couple stuck on an icy hill when I was headed to work this morning and I felt so bad for them. People seriously have no idea how to navigate icy roads around here. I guess Texans are better suited for 100 degree temps haha. Stay warm guys! And enjoy it .. it is SO beautiful!

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