Friday, August 31, 2012


the song ironic by alanis morissette is playing at the hoop right now. that is just plain awesomeness!! when that song frist came out, my best friend and i spent an entire weekend passing the lyrics booklet from the inside of the cd case back and forth until we both knew every word to the song all the way through. and as it turns out, it's like riding a bike. you never forget.

in other news .. a long weekend is ahead of me! no work on monday because of labor day! RT took saturday off so that we can enjoy one last lake weekend hoorah with family and friends before everyone's kids go back to school and what not.

i love fall and winter so very much but this last summer weekend always gives me little pangs of sadness. during lake season i get to see my family and all the kiddos all the time. they all go out to the lake pretty much every weekend. so i plan to soak this weekend right on up!

wishing all of you a fabulous labor day!

happy weekend!!

top: target
skirt: see you monday
shoes: dolce vita

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

ten random things

1 .. it feels like monday. yesterday did too. a week of mondays .. hmmm

2 .. i bring my lunch and snacks to work with me pretty much every day but today i couldn't decide on anything for lunch so i just brought snacks

3 .. i am expecting a new pair of jeffrey campbell boots in the mail tomorrow .. SURPRISE!

4 .. in my opinion 'so you think you can dance' is the best show in the whole entire world

5 .. the majority of my pictures on instagram are of my dogs sleeping in various locations. i am not sure why i think my dogs are so cute but i do and i obviously feel the need to compulsively document it {ha!}

6 .. RT will be 29 years old two weeks from this sunday + i am still just 25 = BEST THING EVER!

7 .. i am horribly notorious for checking text messages while i am doing other things and completely forgetting to text people back. if i have done this to you {probably many times} i am very sorry! don't take it personally. i do it to everyone i promise

8 .. RT and i play the game words with friends and i lose every single time .. it's kinda sad honestly

9 .. i didn't brush my hair today. it looked pretty good {miraculously} already and i didn't want to upset it with a hair brush {ha!} if you see me today and notice a big knot in the back of my head be sure to let me know

10 .. i am really tired today. we are talking abnormally eyes burning from being so tired kind of tired

happy wednesday!!

top: free people
pants: genetic denim
shoes: jeffrey campbell

Monday, August 27, 2012

a hair affair

my whole life I have been in this cycle where I let my hair get kinda long and then I chop it off and then I grow it out again and then I cut it short and so on and so forth.

about five years ago I went in for a cut and boy did I. my hair was just longer than my ears in the front and slightly stacked in the back. we are talking short!! it was really cute though and after the initial shock I liked it a lot.

but ever since then I have been experimenting more with color than with cuts {much to the dismay of my mother}. I have kept it mostly brown but went through a bout with some highlights. and now I have a hot pink chunk in the back that I LOVE!
this photo is from when RT and i were very newly dating
when i met him i had short hair AND hightlights AND bangs .. ugh!! too much!!

anyway .. all that to say I am dying for my hair to be really really long. when it was short I had some clip in extensions that I wore sometimes and I am considering buying some more. I want to take my hair from long to super long.

I have done some research and am thinking of buying this luxy brand. do any of you know anything about it?? I for sure want real hair so I can style it and wash it and what not and I love the idea of getting some added length and fullness.
photo from luxyhair
check out this before and after!!
i want my hair to have these results!!

anyway that is my hair affair today {ha!}

happy monday!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

the bitty one

why are dog's eyes always so creepy looking in pictures?!?

this week started off rainy and humid and for some reason i haven't been able to get motivated to actually do my hair ever since then. wet. run product through it. shake it around a little bit. then hate it and feel like a rag doll for the rest of the day. such is the existnece of my hair this week. oh well. maybe next week will be better {ha!}

layla comes to work with me everyday .. yes i have the best job ever .. and she is such a little cutie in the store. everyone who comes in loves her and wants to hold her and snuggle her. too bad she is crazy shy of strangers! but she is quiet and sweet and if im holding her she will let anyone pet her.

so this is what we look like at work today. the bitty one in all of her cuteness :) and me in some free people shorts, a bluebird top and vince camuto clogs.

this weekend RT and i are going to my parent's house to hang out on the lake with family. then sunday my sister and i are starting our first day teaching the 2yr olds at church. i am actually pretty pumped about that because i have missed teaching sweet little babies since i stopped working at my mom's preschool.

happy weekend!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


RT loves to golf and sometimes i tag along with him. i just chill and enjoy the scenery though .. again .. not sporty .. at all!!

hanging out with RT .. we love days off together

a couple of my sister's children striking poses to show off their ah!may!zing! accessorising skills .. hillarious!!

nails courtesy of sally hansen nail effects stick on nail polish which is basically my favorite nail polish ever. and my sister just taught me that acetone nail polish takes it off way easier than non are welcome :)

do you guys have dogs? are they as lazy as ours are? all they do is sleep and snuggle. low maintenance and i like the snuggles so i'm not complaining

last sunday when i pulled up at church there was a fairly large gaggle of geese walking through the parking lot. super random but also pretty cool

we are eaters. that is my only explanation

work :)

happy wednesday!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

much needed

let me start by telling you that RT stood out in the rain to take these pictures while i stayed dry under the overhang of our front door. he is good to me ;)

this is the second time it has rained this week and boy do we need it. it is so incredibly hot and dry around here. the rain doesn't look to be letting up for most of the day and the high temp is supposed to be in the upper eighties .. HOLY COW! it's glorious! i am one of those people who adores the rain. i know it is dark and dreary to some but to me it is calm and soothing and refreshing. RT and i might just sleep with the windows open tonight .. something we both love

this skirt is so old that i honestly couldn't even tell you who makes it. but i can tell you that i love it. and that it is reversible. it is purple on the other side and when i wear it on the purple side a little bit of the orange peeks out the bottom. so cute! i paired it with this gemma top that i wear all the time and some simple back pumps by gianni bini. mixing colors and adding pattern but not throwing it over the top.

if you live around here i hope you are soaking up the rain as much as i am .. just remember .. we really need it!!

happy tuesday!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

outfit mash up

back to market again today and i had to meet my boss at 8:30 this morning. needless to say, between my 6am work out class and an 8:30 meet time i just didn't have spare minutes to use taking outfit pictures. instead you get a mash up ..

i think you get a pretty good idea of what i looked like from top to bottom. i did not wear this exact necklace but i did have on a chunky turquoise beaded number so its the same visual effect. i am loving the combo of this super soft and feminine white dress paired with my chunky grey suede litas. the style contrast works so well. not too far in either direction creating great balance. 

i am hoping you all have fabulous weekend plans!! i work tomorrow and RT works sunday so there wont be much couple time but it is the weekend regardless and i intend to enjoy it!!

happy friday!!

dress: madison marcus
shoes: jeffrey campbell

Thursday, August 16, 2012

to market to market to buy

well not a fat pig thats for sure. although we did see some tops with animals printed on them so there ya go. this weekend is market for the designers to show what they are offering during resort this year. if you have been reading my blog for any amount of time then you know how much i LOVE going to market with my boss. being able to be a part of the decision making process of what we are going to bring into the store is so much fun for me and i am flattered that she trusts my judgement and my opinion enough to want my help. plus .. now we get to take her baby with us. basically it is the best day of work EVER. baby snuggles and a market adventure .. YES PLEASE!! and i get to do it all again tomorrow. can i get a WOOHOO?? {ok ok enough with the capitals}

so .. here is just a tiny bit of what we have seen so far ..
{obviously these are not examples of actual pieces that we saw they are just examples of the trends}

a lot of neon

a lot of leather detailing

a lot of lace

a lot of peplum

a lot of printed pants .. denim and harem the like

a lot of really cute things!!

happy thursday!!

*all photos from*

Monday, August 13, 2012


one of the trends that has been becoming more and more prevalent is socks. i am LOVING it! i think it looks so cute and the more I see other bloggers embrace the trend the more i love it. but .. every time i try .. i think it looks kinda weird on me. maybe i'm just not used to it yet. but the other day i was reading kelli's blog and she did a piece for the blog a beautiful mess .. read the whole article here .. showing five ways to wear socks depending on your style. completely obessed with EVERY one of them!!

so cute right?!?

basically what i am saying is don't be surprised if you start seeing me in socks

and .. you should take some time to check out kelli's blog. she has great style .. is a crazy talented artist .. and has an adorable little family.

happy monday!!

** pictures from a beautiful mess**

Friday, August 10, 2012

a vacation photo diary


this past weekend we spent a few days on vacation with some friends of ours
we stayed in a condo that overlooked the lake and the pool .. SO PRETTY!!
there was lots of pool time
lots of relaxing
lots of acrobatics {it is the olympics after all}
lots of good time spent with good friends

happy weekend!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

girl's night

janey came over last night and we had a slumber party just me and her. she has three younger brothers and they are all really close in age so when she gets to do something JUST HER it is a really big deal. RT was at work so it was a girl's only night.

her mom dropped her off with me at work and we picked up dinner on the way home. we set out a little picnic in the living room and when i asked her what she wanted to watch she said "the olympics" ha! we played for a while with all of the toys we keep at our house for the kids and then it was time for bed. she got to sleep in my bed with me and we watched a little bit of the princess and the frog before we fell asleep. then this morning her uncle RT brought her some doughnuts and apple juice for breakfast {best uncle EVER!}. we got her ready for her last day at princess dance camp and then headed out. she even let me put her hair in piggy tails which if you know her is pretty awesome. she is a hair down kinda girl.

girl's night rules!!

happy thursday!

top: h&m
pants: tripp nyc