Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

My Dress: Free People
My Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

I got this dress and these shoes for Christmas. Amazing right?! Love. Love. Love ... and they were really perfect for NYE. 

To celebrate the end of 2011/beginning of 2012 ... RT and I stayed at a hotel with some of our friends. We all went to a nice dinner together and then hung out and had the best time ringing in the new year. 

RT and I were going to get some lunch today and he was being silly asking "are you excited for (fill in the blank)?" After about the 10th thing I asked "are you excited that we have so many things to be excited for?" And of course he answered YES! 

I am so excited for the year 2012. I am prone to wishing time away. Not intentionally but I get busy being excited for what is to come and often I let what is happening right now fly under my radar. This year I am going to be more in the moment. 

I hope you all enjoyed your New Year's Eve as much as I did. Bring on 2012. It's going to be a great year people!

Happy Monday!

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