Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's an Obsession

Don't judge me. I can't help it. I just really love Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Like a lot. I really really love them a lot. And so ... I am starting a collection. People have collections of things. It's normal. Mine is just going to be a collection of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Maybe I will dedicate a whole room to them someday. Yes! RT would love that. Oh wait ... no he wouldn't.
Moving on ...
These are the "Rumble Fab." They were my first pair. I ordered these beautiful boots at the end of the summer and I have worn them even more than I thought I would. And honestly, that is saying a lot.
These beauties are the "Zinger." My parents gave them to me for Christmas (thanks mom and dad!). So far I have worn them twice. On NYE and I just so happen to have them on right this minute. I am at work. Looking all kinds of stylish in my awesome new wedges :)
This is the "Lita" is grey suede. The story behind how I ended up with these is mildly embarassing and I am not going to tell it right now. Maybe later. Maybe.
They are also new. I got them in the mail about a week ago.
And this wonderul fabulous incredible pair are the "Lita Fur" in black white. RT gave them to me for Christmas (thanks hunny!). I had been drooling over them for months and just hadn't bought them yet. It was a complete surprise. He knows me so well! The embarassing story about the grey suede involves this pair too ... I will leave it at that.
I haven't worn them yet but tomorrow is my birthday (25!) and I have a special outfit picked out around these zebra wonders.

So ... to sum up this post ... I love Jeffrey Campbell and you should too!

Happy Thursday!

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