Tuesday, January 24, 2012


First I will say that I have downloaded a blogging app for our iPad and that is what I am using to write this post. So ... if it is messed up, I apologize in advance.

Now -- on to what is important right now. I got some crazy awesome new sunglasses this weekend. {ok ok it really isn't important but I am excited about them nonetheless}.

 How fun are these?!?

RT and I went to the mall on Saturday and we parked at a department store. The first counter when we walked in from the parking lot was the eyewear counter. I asked him if we could stop and take a look. I love sunglasses so much and I have been looking at round and also cateye frames. I tried on several pair and had widdled it down to these and some Tom Ford exaggerated cateye. From there I couldn't decide. They were so different. So we asked the sales person to hold them for us and we went on about perusing the mall. I knew we would have to pass back by on our way to the car when we left. I figured I could think it over and make a decision then.

I ended up with these because 1.. they were more distinct and 2.. they just felt more like me. I loved the cateye as well but they were a more preppy look. I wish I could have gotten both but birthday mullah allotted for one pair {ha!}. I am so excited!! I love them!!

Happy Tuesday!

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