Monday, January 16, 2012

Clarification and the Golden Globes

Several people I am close to were very concerned about my post Fairytale Lies so I thought I would clear the air. I am not sad. Everything between RT and I is great. Yes we argue sometimes. No things are not perfect all the time but we are very happy together and our marriage is doing just fine. No need to worry about my level of happiness in life or in my marriage. I am a very blessed person!

The point of the post was to talk about my realistic expectations for my marriage. I know that I am not going to be blissfully happy every second of the rest of my life with RT but I also know that God planned for us to be married and to live our lives as one with Him. Therefore I know that we will have a mostly happy, and strong marriage that will only continue to grow and get better.

That was the first time I have ever posted anything thoughtful and internal so I think it caught people off guard. But I loved it and I will write more meaningful posts in the future for sure. For me, it is cleansing and it keeps my blog from being monotonous and shallow.

Now ... moving on ...

The 2012 Golden Globes presented us with tons of nude colored dresses and sheer full skirts galore. Here are my best and worst dressed ... for your enojoyment.

I also really loved Michelle Williams and Kate Beckinsale. I left them off of the list 1) because I was trying to pick only five and 2) because I felt like their choice were beautiful but very safe

and ... why did Meryl Streep wear a shirt dress to the Golden Globes? I love her but it was way too casual in my opinion. and ... I know many people loved it but I thought Angelina Jolie's dress was a great shape but the white and red combo washed her out. Especially the pop of red right by her face.

Happy Monday!

*photos from wonderwall*

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