Friday, January 27, 2012

And Then They Were Four

 For those of you who do not know .. This is Layla. The rule for my siblings and I was that mom and dad would get us a dog if we wanted one after our freshman year in college when we were living on our own. I moved back to my hometown and was moving into my first house in June after my freshman year and I was so excited to have my own place and get a puppy. I was driving into the city from out where my mom and dad live and there is this old nasty run down antique/flee market building on the side of the road that had a sign up that said puppies in big red letters. I had to stop. I couldn't help it. 

There was a room filled with portable baby beds and each one had different breeds of puppies. It was really sad. I had decided on this precious little yorkie and I was carrying it around in the room just kind of looking absently at the other dogs wishing I could rescue them all when I noticed this tiny little black furry thing in the pin with a bunch of chihuahuas. I had to pick her up {she was so itty bitty} and when I did she immediately nuzzled into my neck. I couldn't leave without her. {I did leave without the yorkie} so that is how Layla and I came to be. 

Then ... 4 years later we were all living happily as a family of three {me, RT and Layla} and I downloaded the petfinder app. Not really looking for a dog but just cause I think puppies are cute to look at. And I found this...

We were NOT looking for another dog. But RT came home to see me between shifts and I showed him her picture and we just decided to go take a look at her. We went to see the Zoe dog and she came to live with us that day. She was already three years old and had been abused by a man so she was very nervous. Zoey is still a work in progress but she is getting better all the time. She has always loved me but she is getting more and more comfortable with RT. He loves it too because he literally does everything with that dog when he is home. 

We thought Layla would hate having a sister. We thought she wanted to be an only dog. She isn't a super playful dog so we thought she wouldn't want a playmate. 

Boy were we wrong. 

The bitty LOVES her sister and she plays with her all the time. 

They were meant to be together. They were meant to be ours. We were meant to be a family of four ... at least for now ;)


Happy Friday!!



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