Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blog Party

At the beginning of the month some bloggers that I follow had a really fun idea to throw a little "Blog Party". The idea was for any blogger who wanted to submit their information and be randomly paired with another blogger. I immediately loved this! What a great way for us to form new relationships with other bloggers!! So of course I emailed my information and I was paired with Nicole from This Little Momma.

You guys she is so much fun! She is the most versatile person. She is a mom to a sweet little baby boy. She is a wife. She loves DIY projects. She and her husband did an awesome redo on the kitchen in their former house. She loves fashion. She is a God lover. She is a blogger. I mean seriously the girl is awesome! I have had so much fun getting to know her. I actually frequented her blog even before we were paired together so you can imagine my excitement for the opportunity to learn a little more about her. 

photo via Nicole's blog
isn't she so cute?!

As we have been emailing back and forth .. Nicole asked me what is my favorite Etsy shop. She and I are both Etsy lovers. As I told her .. it is hard for me to choose a favorite because I peruse so many of the shops on a daily basis but I really love EMBER Vintage. She has a fun assortment of vintage clothes and she styles them in such a fun way for her pictures. So .. Nicole got me a gift certificate to the shop. Thank you so much Nicole! I am super excited!!! I can't wait to pick something out and feature it on my blog!!

Before I started my blog I had no idea that there was this community out there. I mean you can actually meat some incredible people and form new friendships just by reaching out to the people who are doing just what you are doing. I am so glad I get to continue to support Nicole through her blog and build on this new friendship. 

Happy Tuesday!

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