Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Side View

Shirt: Mossimo
Sweater: Charlie & Robin
Skirt: Anne Segal
Belt: Elegantly Waisted
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace: Jane Basch
Apparently today was a side view kind of day. I don't know why but I just never seemed to turn straight toward or away from the camera. Not that it really matters because you can still see my outfit just fine. But still it was an interesting observation.

It has finally cooled off quite a bit here is the beautiful TX. So today, when dressing for my day off with RT (woohoo!), I wanted to be cute but also be warm and cozy. Enter thick knit sweater and long cotton skirt. 

I have been noticing more and more that I go into my closet in the morning looking for a skirt or a dress and not jeans. I have basically lived in denim for as long as I can remember. And it has served me very very well. But I am leaning toward other options as of late. Now don't get me wrong, a good pair of jeans will always be in my wardrobe rotation. It is just not a most days occurrence right now.

RT and I spent the morning and early afternoon working on Christmas shopping and we are almost finished! I love going out on the hunt for something I think the person will really really love. Each person in our lives is so different and we really have to get creative and work hard to find something out of the ordinary but still perfectly appropriate. We had such a fun day and I know everyone will love what we have selected for them.

Happy Wednesday!

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