Thursday, December 15, 2011

Micah 6:8 Project

On wednesday night our small group, RT and I went down to the local food bank to volunteer. They have a program set up to benefit school aged children in our area who are at risk of starvation. During the week the kids can eat breakfast, lunch and a snack provided by the school but on the weekends they may not get a meal. So, the food bank packs bags that have meals and snacks for the kids to eat on friday and saturday. The schools submit a list of the children to the food bank so that they are able to pack the correct number. One of the women working there told us that they serve roughly 1,700 kids a week. What an incredible cause to work for! These kids, who otherwise would go hungry all weekend long, are able to eat.

The kids get a bag at the end of the school day on fridays that they can take home with them. It is all non perishable and nutritious. Nothing has to be cooked and it is all easy and safe to open for children. This way, if their parents are at work and are not around to help them get their food ready, it isn't a problem.

This was the last wednesday before the kids are out of school for the holidays so they were also sending a little bag of toys for each child. That is what were were in charge of. Each gift sack had a paddle ball game, a hacky sack, and a disc flyer. we got a pretty good assembly line going and were able to get those all finished and still go in and help pack the boxes with the food bags in them. It was great to get to share this experience with everyone.

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