Monday, December 5, 2011


Shirt: Vintage Wrangler
Sweater: ARO
Pants: Joe's Jeans
Boots: Ralph Lauren
Today I am fashionably nostalgic...

This shirt was RT's grandfather's. I don't normally steal clothes from my husband but it is cold outside and I wanted to wear something big and cozy. Plus I think this shirt looks great under my oversized sweater. And ... he doesn't really wear it that much so I thought it might be feeling neglected (or something like that). You can't see the buttons but they are pearl snap which makes me love the shirt that much more. I don't know why. Maybe it's a southern thing but pearl snap is something I can really get into if it is worn a specific way.

These boots were my mom's in the 80s. I might have already told you guys this but a few years ago, before riding boots were really back "in", I noticed that my mom didn't wear these boots anymore. When I asked her why she still had them if she wasn't going to wear them she told me it was because they were really nice boots and that they were still in good condition. I asked if I could have them and told her I would wear them all the time and she said yes. Now she is trying to be an indian giver. I am sure she is laughing while she reads this but she keeps trying to get me to give them back. Sorry momma. Their mine now. Ha! And thank you, by the way, for giving them to me! I really love them! :)

Happy Monday!

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