Friday, November 25, 2011

P Dub Cinnamon Rolls

I have something very important to share with all of you today. Cinnamon rolls. Enough said?? Yes I think so.

At my family's Thanksgiving meal we have cinnamon rolls instead of a regular dinner roll. My Nana has always made them and her rolls are seriously ah-may-zing! But she has gotten to where she doesn't really like to cook much anymore and my sister has tried to replicate her recipe and it has never been quite the same. Not to mention the fact that they call for Crisco which for some reason just seems wrong to all of us.

So this year with my sister gone with her husband's family, I was in charge of the "dinner rolls."

I am an avid reader of the Pioneer Woman blog. She is hysterical and she is a yummy and very decadent cook. She (and everyone else) swears by her cinnamon rolls so that is the recipe I used. Oh! My! Goodness! They were so scrumptious! Everyone loved them. I made 15 disposable pie pans full of rolls and we has 3 left. All of my family was talking about how much they liked them and people kept going back for more and more. Such a success!

Here is the link to her recipe.
Here is the link to all of her extra notes about the rolls.

And here is a picture of what hers look like when they are all finished.

You have to make these! You will be so glad you did.

Mine looked a little different because I cut them much smaller and cooked them on their side so that they looked like a traditional dinner roll. And I didn't frost them.

This is so much better than an outfit post today I assure you. Mainly because I spent all day yesterday chatting and eating and so I look very similar to Violet Beauregarde from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory after she chews the piece of gum and fills with blueberry juice.

Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving as much as I did.
I am so lucky to have so very much to be thankful for.

Happy Friday!

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