Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Casey Wiegand

I think it goes without saying that, as a blogger, I am an avid reader of many other blogs. One of my favorite things is sitting down and reading through my favorites. Yesterday, I was catching up on all things blog and I ran across the most inspiring posts I have ever read.
About a week ago I went to one of my favorite blogs and she had a giveaway from Casey Wiegand going on. I clicked over to Casey's blog and fell in love. She is an incredibly talented artist, wife, mother, and woman of God. Ever since, I have been a devoted reader.
Monday she posted less.
Go there.
Read it.
You have to.
It was something I couldn't help but share. The story is initially about shopping on a budget but it delves into her real life struggles that she and her family live through together. I was so inspired by her unfailing faith and devotion. Not to mention her willingness to be vulnerable to her readers. Amazing!
I emailed Casey and asked if she would mind if I referenced her post. I wanted to get her permission because, of course, the story is hers. But also because it is personal and honest and I only wanted to share if she was comfortable with it. She gave me the go ahead and I am so glad that I can pass this on to all of you. I think we could all use a little bit of her faith and positive attitude.
Thank you Casey!
My hope is that this reaches each of you as close as it did me.

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