Monday, July 30, 2012


have you guys all been watching the olympics? i know we have! i have told you before that i am about as far from sporty as it gets. i am super active but organized sports just aren't my thing. i'm not good at watching organized sports either. it is like pulling teeth for RT to get me to watch golf, baseball, football, whatever. but not the olympics .. i frickin love them!

so far i have been most enthralled with men's swimming .. although i am slightly annoyed that the commentators are spending the entire time dogging on phelps and pitting him and ryan lochte against each other. two americans! get it together people!! i also have really loved the gymnastics .. both men's and women's. and the women's beach volleyball was very exciting on saturday. and .. and .. and .. it is all awesomeness!


on a completely unrelated note .. i face-timed with my sister and my mom earlier today. my mom had never used face time before. FUNNIEST THING EVER!

happy monday!

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