Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Fourth

I saw this idea on pinterest and I just had to try it ..



.. I took an old pair of jean shorts from target .. ripped out the hem .. cut them off .. painted stars on one side and stripes on the other using silver fabric paint .. let the paint dry .. set it with the iron .. washed and dried them .. and TA DA!!


Perfect for the fourth of July if I do say so myself :) worn with a tie dyed tank that I have had forever and my grey Jeffrey Campbell litas.

RT and a bunch of our friends are heeded out to my parents house this morning to play on the lake and hang out. What more could I ask for than a day spent with family and friends out on the lake?? It is supposed to be excellent weather today too!! Not quite 100° which to some people might still sound crazy hot but we are texans and anything below 100° is pretty decent. Hot but more than bearable.

What are your plans on this lovely independence day holiday?? Hopefully you are all going to enjoy a nice relaxing day off!


Happy Wednesday!


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