Wednesday, August 1, 2012

my weekend starts tomorrow

tomorrow RT and i are headed out of town with some friends for a long weekend. i am beyond excited!! we are going to hang out and get settled tomorrow .. on friday the guys are going golfing while we relax at the spa .. then dinner at a winery on saturday .. with lots of pool time and good company to go around. we won't be back until monday and i can assure you i won't be blogging while we are away. i am one of those people who likes to completely check out when i get out of town. the most i can give is an instagram here and there.

i actually wore this outfit yesterday but i got busy and couldn't upload. i absolutely love this skirt by young fabulous and broke. it is so soft and stretchy and basically feels like butter when you have it on but the fitted ruched style adds some major umph. my top is by patterson j kincaid and i {of course} knotted it up on the side to keep with the curvy feel of the skirt. i was going to wear my go-to black heels but RT said that was too boring so i decided on my neutral snake michael kors instead. still subdued but not plain. haha i have influenced him so very much.

happy wednesday!

see you guys back here next tuesday!

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