Friday, July 13, 2012

peeking ears

oh hey there little ears :)
tonight i am headed to the lovely state of OK. one of RT's friends from high school is getting married tomorrow night. i am so excited to have some time to visit his family. we don't get to visit near as often as we would like. RT's mom is so sweet and she came down last night, took me out for yummy dinner and spent the night all just to take RT back with her this morning. he is in the wedding so he has to be at the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner tonight but i have to work today so i can't leave town until after six. his mom made the trip just so that he and i only have one car and can ride home together sunday. thank you sandy! you are awesome!

the only thing is that the last time {which also happens to be the one and only time} i drove up by myself i got lost. ok not actually LOST per say .. i just went the really really long way and it ended up taking me about an hour longer than it needed to to arrive at my destination. FAIL. so RT wanted to go over my route with me and print it out and look at a map together and i felt like a big fat silly head. so .. wish me luck as i venture into the abyss all alone with my audio book. if i don't blog soon .. you will know why.

happy weekend!

dress: love sam
belt: urban outfitters
shoes: dolce vita

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