Friday, July 6, 2012

An Outfit .. A Memory .. And Some Shoes


On the 3rd I wore red white and blue to work to be festive for the impending holiday. I am a girl who loves a theme or a costume of all kinds. Any reason to dress according to a theme is alright by me.


On the fourth RT and I had some friends out to my parent's house on the lake. We floated 90% of the time but we also took a few spins on the banana behind the boat {I have neck soreness to prove it ha!}. We ate some extra yummy food .. including homemade fresh peach ice cream {yum!} all prepared by my mom who is awesome beyond belief. We played some games and ended the night with fireworks. Love it!


On the fifth I ordered these shoes from Nasty Gal. I am a Jeffrey Campbell junkie and RT and I are going to a wedding in OK next weekend so I obviously NEEDED these shoes. I would have NOTHING to wear otherwise. Alright alright so that is a load of hooey but they were just too cute to pass up.


Happy Weekend!!


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