Friday, July 27, 2012


RT is having lasik right now as i am writing this. i am so excited for him!! i had it a couple of years ago and it seriously changed my life. for those of you who have had it you understand .. it is so awesome to be able to see perfectly without glasses or contacts!! it will be especially awesome for RT because of his job. 

so this weekend we are going to take it easy. we have to go to his post-op appointment tomorrow morning but other than that we have nothing on the books. what about you all? big weekend plans all around?

RT gave me this dress for my birthday this year. he did such a good job don't you think?? i love the suspenders detail and the thin pinstripe that from far away reads grey. i still think i might hem it up a little bit but i clearly haven't gotten around to that .. since january .. don't judge me. 

happy weekend!

top: Trash and Luxury
dress: LA Gal (vintage)
shoes: Luichiny

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