Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Hey there all of you! How's it going on this fine wednesday?? Can't complain on my end. I got up this morning and went with RT to take Zoey to get groomed. Sister was starting to look a little scraggly. I dropped him off with our friend Ben to go play golf. Went home and had breakfast with Layla. Got ready. And came to work. All good things :).

I have had this skirt FOREVER and you have all seen it many many times but I just keep loving it and so i just keep wearing it. I am a teeny bit obsessed with all things maxi and the purple color of this skirt seems to go with everything. I am also mildly crazy about cropped tops right now and have found myself tying up anything that isn't actually intended to be cropped. Don't really know why that is but I like the outcome {ha!}. This blouse is great because the grey is neutral and the flowers are multi colored and bright making the shirt incredibly versatile.

Every now and then I go through phases where I feel like my bottoms or my tops have gotten boring. I have worn them all too many times and it makes me feel like I have NOTHING to wear. Which if you looked in my closet, would make you roll your eyes at the very least. None the less that is happening to me right now. I am tired of almost all of my tops. It is about time to do a big clean out and start collecting new.

Happy Wednesday!

Top: Rebecca Taylor
Skirt: Anne Segal
Shoes: Charles David

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