Monday, July 16, 2012


we are back from a weekend in OK and boy was it a good one. one of RT's best friends from high school got married and it was such a fun night. i'm not sure if it's just me but now that i am married i enjoy weddings even more. i can relate so fully to how the bride is feeling. watching her walk down the isle with her dad, saying her vows, looking into her HUSBAND's eyes, the first kiss, hearing the officiant announce them for the very first time as mr. and mrs. the first dance, dancing and eating and celebrating with all of your loved ones, leaving through an isle of the people who mean most to you, and embarking on your honeymoon and your new life as a wife. all of it. it is so amazing and i wish everyday was my wedding day. the great news for the two who got married this weekend is that, in my experience, it only gets better and better. it all just makes my love and appreciation for my husband bubble up to the surface. 

i am terrible at keeping up with things unless i have a purse and i forgot to bring one {besides my giant catch all} so i did not take my camera in .. meaning i didnt take any pictures. but my sister-in-law got some great ones and she promised to email them to me. so for now i only have this one taken on RT's phone. and actually .. it's one of the better pictures we have take in a while so i am ok with it {ha!}.

we drove home last night and we were all pretty pooped. it takes a lot out of you to play hard with sweet little girls, old friends and family. need proof? 

Happy Monday!

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