Thursday, July 26, 2012



a couple of weeks ago, i got home from work on a day that RT wasn't home. i let the dogs out, made some dinner and sat down on the couch to watch some tv. only to find out our satellite wasn't working. {i'm about to embarrass myself so get ready ..} originally i thought a night without tv would be pretty nice but here is the thing .. i don't have children .. my husband was not there .. my dogs can't speak english .. within about thirty minutes i was BORED!! so i decided to see what netflix had to offer and i discovered Pretty Little Liars

i had heard of the show but never watched it. why didn't you guys tell me how awesome it is?? i am completely hooked now and have successfully watched all of season one and almost all of season two and then it's on to three for me.

all of the girls have pretty fun style but aria is my favorite wardrobe wise. her clothes are a little more edgy .. funky .. different.

well .. i'm off to drown myself in some more teenage girl drama!

happy thursday!!

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