Tuesday, August 21, 2012

much needed

let me start by telling you that RT stood out in the rain to take these pictures while i stayed dry under the overhang of our front door. he is good to me ;)

this is the second time it has rained this week and boy do we need it. it is so incredibly hot and dry around here. the rain doesn't look to be letting up for most of the day and the high temp is supposed to be in the upper eighties .. HOLY COW! it's glorious! i am one of those people who adores the rain. i know it is dark and dreary to some but to me it is calm and soothing and refreshing. RT and i might just sleep with the windows open tonight .. something we both love

this skirt is so old that i honestly couldn't even tell you who makes it. but i can tell you that i love it. and that it is reversible. it is purple on the other side and when i wear it on the purple side a little bit of the orange peeks out the bottom. so cute! i paired it with this gemma top that i wear all the time and some simple back pumps by gianni bini. mixing colors and adding pattern but not throwing it over the top.

if you live around here i hope you are soaking up the rain as much as i am .. just remember .. we really need it!!

happy tuesday!!

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