Wednesday, August 22, 2012


RT loves to golf and sometimes i tag along with him. i just chill and enjoy the scenery though .. again .. not sporty .. at all!!

hanging out with RT .. we love days off together

a couple of my sister's children striking poses to show off their ah!may!zing! accessorising skills .. hillarious!!

nails courtesy of sally hansen nail effects stick on nail polish which is basically my favorite nail polish ever. and my sister just taught me that acetone nail polish takes it off way easier than non are welcome :)

do you guys have dogs? are they as lazy as ours are? all they do is sleep and snuggle. low maintenance and i like the snuggles so i'm not complaining

last sunday when i pulled up at church there was a fairly large gaggle of geese walking through the parking lot. super random but also pretty cool

we are eaters. that is my only explanation

work :)

happy wednesday!!

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