Friday, August 31, 2012


the song ironic by alanis morissette is playing at the hoop right now. that is just plain awesomeness!! when that song frist came out, my best friend and i spent an entire weekend passing the lyrics booklet from the inside of the cd case back and forth until we both knew every word to the song all the way through. and as it turns out, it's like riding a bike. you never forget.

in other news .. a long weekend is ahead of me! no work on monday because of labor day! RT took saturday off so that we can enjoy one last lake weekend hoorah with family and friends before everyone's kids go back to school and what not.

i love fall and winter so very much but this last summer weekend always gives me little pangs of sadness. during lake season i get to see my family and all the kiddos all the time. they all go out to the lake pretty much every weekend. so i plan to soak this weekend right on up!

wishing all of you a fabulous labor day!

happy weekend!!

top: target
skirt: see you monday
shoes: dolce vita

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