Thursday, August 9, 2012

girl's night

janey came over last night and we had a slumber party just me and her. she has three younger brothers and they are all really close in age so when she gets to do something JUST HER it is a really big deal. RT was at work so it was a girl's only night.

her mom dropped her off with me at work and we picked up dinner on the way home. we set out a little picnic in the living room and when i asked her what she wanted to watch she said "the olympics" ha! we played for a while with all of the toys we keep at our house for the kids and then it was time for bed. she got to sleep in my bed with me and we watched a little bit of the princess and the frog before we fell asleep. then this morning her uncle RT brought her some doughnuts and apple juice for breakfast {best uncle EVER!}. we got her ready for her last day at princess dance camp and then headed out. she even let me put her hair in piggy tails which if you know her is pretty awesome. she is a hair down kinda girl.

girl's night rules!!

happy thursday!

top: h&m
pants: tripp nyc

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