Wednesday, August 29, 2012

ten random things

1 .. it feels like monday. yesterday did too. a week of mondays .. hmmm

2 .. i bring my lunch and snacks to work with me pretty much every day but today i couldn't decide on anything for lunch so i just brought snacks

3 .. i am expecting a new pair of jeffrey campbell boots in the mail tomorrow .. SURPRISE!

4 .. in my opinion 'so you think you can dance' is the best show in the whole entire world

5 .. the majority of my pictures on instagram are of my dogs sleeping in various locations. i am not sure why i think my dogs are so cute but i do and i obviously feel the need to compulsively document it {ha!}

6 .. RT will be 29 years old two weeks from this sunday + i am still just 25 = BEST THING EVER!

7 .. i am horribly notorious for checking text messages while i am doing other things and completely forgetting to text people back. if i have done this to you {probably many times} i am very sorry! don't take it personally. i do it to everyone i promise

8 .. RT and i play the game words with friends and i lose every single time .. it's kinda sad honestly

9 .. i didn't brush my hair today. it looked pretty good {miraculously} already and i didn't want to upset it with a hair brush {ha!} if you see me today and notice a big knot in the back of my head be sure to let me know

10 .. i am really tired today. we are talking abnormally eyes burning from being so tired kind of tired

happy wednesday!!

top: free people
pants: genetic denim
shoes: jeffrey campbell

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