Friday, August 24, 2012

the bitty one

why are dog's eyes always so creepy looking in pictures?!?

this week started off rainy and humid and for some reason i haven't been able to get motivated to actually do my hair ever since then. wet. run product through it. shake it around a little bit. then hate it and feel like a rag doll for the rest of the day. such is the existnece of my hair this week. oh well. maybe next week will be better {ha!}

layla comes to work with me everyday .. yes i have the best job ever .. and she is such a little cutie in the store. everyone who comes in loves her and wants to hold her and snuggle her. too bad she is crazy shy of strangers! but she is quiet and sweet and if im holding her she will let anyone pet her.

so this is what we look like at work today. the bitty one in all of her cuteness :) and me in some free people shorts, a bluebird top and vince camuto clogs.

this weekend RT and i are going to my parent's house to hang out on the lake with family. then sunday my sister and i are starting our first day teaching the 2yr olds at church. i am actually pretty pumped about that because i have missed teaching sweet little babies since i stopped working at my mom's preschool.

happy weekend!!

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