Monday, August 27, 2012

a hair affair

my whole life I have been in this cycle where I let my hair get kinda long and then I chop it off and then I grow it out again and then I cut it short and so on and so forth.

about five years ago I went in for a cut and boy did I. my hair was just longer than my ears in the front and slightly stacked in the back. we are talking short!! it was really cute though and after the initial shock I liked it a lot.

but ever since then I have been experimenting more with color than with cuts {much to the dismay of my mother}. I have kept it mostly brown but went through a bout with some highlights. and now I have a hot pink chunk in the back that I LOVE!
this photo is from when RT and i were very newly dating
when i met him i had short hair AND hightlights AND bangs .. ugh!! too much!!

anyway .. all that to say I am dying for my hair to be really really long. when it was short I had some clip in extensions that I wore sometimes and I am considering buying some more. I want to take my hair from long to super long.

I have done some research and am thinking of buying this luxy brand. do any of you know anything about it?? I for sure want real hair so I can style it and wash it and what not and I love the idea of getting some added length and fullness.
photo from luxyhair
check out this before and after!!
i want my hair to have these results!!

anyway that is my hair affair today {ha!}

happy monday!!

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