Monday, December 31, 2012

goodbye .. hello

in light of it being new year's eve i would like to take the time to give a little wave goodbye to 2012 and a welcome! come on in to 2013 ..

first i put together a mash up of all of the outfits i featured on the blog in 2012 .. it is pretty fun to look at these pictures all together ..

it is hard to believe that 2012 actually existed before a couple of months ago. a lot has happened these last few months!! since october .. my heart has been broken more times than i could have handled in a lifetime.. i have cried an innumerable amount of tears .. i have prayed my little heart out .. i have experienced anxiety like i did when i first started having my panic attacks .. i have learned to fear hope .. hope is no good because then you are vulnerable to a sucker punch straight to the heart .. these final months of 2012 have been hard to say the very least. i am not sad to leave them behind but i will say it's not all bad.

i have grown closer to RT. i have learned to lean on him and trust him and run to him even more than i did before. i have experienced more of his emotional side .. RT is pretty closed off when it comes to emotions but he has shown me that he can seriously open up and be vulnerable right along with me .. i don't think he will ever know just how special that is to me .. i feel like if i have RT by my side we can get through anything .. we are about to find out that's for sure :)

i have grown stronger in my Christian faith. in this post a while back i talked about how hard it is for me to pray during the hard times but i have had to get over that hurdle and talk to GOD .. HE is our strength and we can't get through anything without HIM .. so i pray

and really the first .. oh i don't know .. NINE months of 2012 were not too shabby :)

i have the most awesome family and friends on the planet earth
i have a job that i love and enjoy every single day
i have food and shelter 
i have love and laughter
the world did not in fact end on 12.21.12
i am one lucky little chiquita so to complain seems a teeny bit loser-ish

never the less i am excited for what 2013 will bring!!
i won't lie .. i worry about what is to come but i trust that everything we experience is for a reason and i am trying to be confident that 2013 will bring good things :)

so to you 2012 .. peace out see ya later so long farewell!!
and to you 2013 .. welcome {and be nice} :)

happy new year all you awesome readers!!

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