Monday, December 17, 2012


today marks 35 years that my parents have been married. the above picture was actually taken at my wedding but i think it perfectly portrays how they are thirty five years later .. even more in love

it is so special to me that my mom and dad have stayed together. they have loved each other enough to make it work. there is no way that every second of the last 35 years has been easy and wonderful but they have kept their promise and stuck by each other in good times and in bad

this has always been important to me but now that i am grown and in the beginning stages of my own marriage it is the most special thing my parents have ever done for me. they modelled a healthy strong loving marriage. a relationship that .. in my opinion .. could conquer anything

so here is to you mom and dad!!

and thank you .. from the bottom of my heart .. thank you for not only loving each other but also liking each other!!
i am so excited to celebrate with y'all tonight :)

happy monday!!

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