Friday, December 7, 2012


ok everyone .. this is VERY exciting!! if you own an iPad you need to download the jamaroos app.

you should do it now before you read any further

i'm serious! you are going to love it trust me :)

so here is the skinny on this thing .. my mom owns a pre-school and she wrote the curriculum that is used at the school. to teach the alphabet and reading .. there is a "jungle friend" that represents each letter. 26 friends in total. each jungle friend has their own story but each story involves many of the other characters as well

yesterday the jamaroos jungle friends app launched for the iPad and will soon be available for the iPhone as well. right now there is one book that has been released .. zap and the no fly zone .. and i spent over an hour last night discovering all there is to do within the story

here is what their facebook page has to say about it:

"The flies are driving Zap Zebra crazy. Follow Zap as he visits some of the Jamaroos Jungle animals to get advice on how to get rid of them. Play along with the buggy flies and meet some of the jungle friends.Young readers will love the interactive surprises on each page. 
Tap-happy touch interactive elements animate and spring to life with fun sound effects. 
Book personalization so you can add your child's name.
Read or follow along with spoken narration. Or, record your own voice for each page and listen to your own narration.
On screen text lets you read along. 
Every time you touch the characters name on the page, their alphabet letter is reinforced by a sound effect and giant visual.
22 pages of whimsical music, animation, sound and illustrations.
The Jamaroos Jungle is home to 26 animal friends, one for each letter in the alphabet. Each Jamaroos character will be released as an interactive book. This is the first installment in the alphabet series, beginning with the letter Z!"

you can visit and like their facebook page here

happy learning :)

and of course .. happy weekend!

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