Monday, December 10, 2012


confession .. i am HORRIBLE at making decisions!!

we are talking hard core indecisive here people
i have a hard time deciding what to make for dinner
what movie to see
what to order at a restaurant
simple things
it's horrible

and big decisions are even worse!!

i get terrified that i will make the wrong choice ..

i don't know why this freaks me out so bad. i mean if it turns out bad i will know for next time right?? RIGHT?! well my brain just can't seem to go there

so .. right now RT and i are trying to decide if we want to buy a new house or remodel/add on to the house we live in. this is HUGE!! you see we completely love love love where we live. the street is quaint and quiet and we are close to just about everything. the neighbors are all great and it would be basically impossible to find a better location. but .. the house is itty bitty teeny tiny and the lot is just the right size for the house so adding on is a little bit sketchy

what to do?!?

right now we are leaning toward adding on .. we feel like the yard wouldn't be too small if we were modest with the add on and we could upgrade the existing structure and have the best of both worlds .. a house we could stay in at least semi-long-term in a location we are obsessed with

ask me again in a week
you never know
i might have changed my mind {ha!}
happy monday!!
top: joie
shorts: free people
tights: anthropologie
shoes: a gift from RT :)

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