Friday, December 14, 2012

sandy hook elementary school shooting

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here is a link to the new york times story of the connecticut elementary school shootings ..

i can't not blog about this tragedy today. there are no words good enough to use in a situation this horrific but i have to none the less

i imagine the families of the children who attend sandy hook elementary school. in my mind .. this morning those children woke up and got ready for school just like every other morning. i imagine their moms coming into their rooms and stroking their hair while whispering sweet words to wake up their little babies. i picture the children climbing out of bed, yawning and rubbing their eyes while padding, pajama clad, into their bathrooms to brush their teeth. their moms soon rushing back into their rooms to hurry them along .. it's almost time to leave for school and you haven't eaten breakfast yet. hurry and get dressed. your breakfast will be ready in a couple of minutes. i imagine these kids sat down at their dining room tables and ate breakfast in the company of their parents and siblings before heading out the door to start another day of school. excited for the impending christmas break

a morning
just like any other

for some of the families this was not at all how things went this morning but none the less it was probably business as usual getting everyone up and going for another normal friday

and then .. in the blink of an eye .. tragedy strikes 
everything changes
life will never be the same

there are simply no words

nothing i can say here is worthy of the sadness that these precious families are having to endure
and will continue to endure

my heart breaks for the people who were affected
it sickens me to think that there are people in our world who are capable of this kind of evil
27 people dead .. 20 children

complete sadness today
my prayers are lifted and i pray that the people of newtown, connecticut will feel the warm arms of the LORD wrapped round them in consolation

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